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Review of International Political Economy

Volume 18, n° 5, December 2011

  • CLIFTON Judith, DIAZ-FUENTES Daniel - The OECD and phases in the international political economy, 1961–2011, pp. 552-569
  • MAHON Rianne - The Jobs Strategy: From neo- to inclusive liberalism? pp. 570-591
  • MARCUSSEN Martin, TRONDAL Jarle - The OECD civil servant: Caught between Scylla and Charybdis, pp. 592-621
  • HOWARTH David, SADEH Tal - In the vanguard of globalization: The OECD and international capital liberalization, pp. 622-645
  • HALL Steven - Managing tied aid competition: Domestic politics, credible threats, and the Helsinki disciplines, pp. 646-672
  • BERRIOS Ruben, MARAK Andrae, MORGENSTERN Scott - Explaining hydrocarbon nationalization in Latin America: Economics and political ideology, pp. 673-697

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Volume 18, n° 4, October 2011

  • CHAD Damro - Regulators, firms and information: The domestic sources of convergence in transatlantic merger review,  pp. 409-435
  • EBERLE Dagmar,LAUTER Dorothee - Private interests and the EU-US dispute on audit regulation: The role of the European accounting profession, pp. 436-459

  • EIMER Thomas R.; PHILIPPS Annika - Networks hanging loose: the domestic sources of US-EU patent disputes, pp. 460-480

  • NEWMAN Abraham - Transatlantic flight fights: multi-level governance, actor entrepreneurship and international anti-terrorism cooperation, pp. 481-505

  • YOUNG Alasdair - R.Of executive preferences and societal constraints: The domestic politics of the transatlantic GMO dispute1, pp. 506-529

  • SMITH Nicola J. - The international political economy of commercial sex, pp. 530-549

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Volume 18, n° 3, August 2011

  • CHIN Gregory, STUBBS Richard - China, regional institution-building and the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, pp. 277-298
  • HALE Thomas - The de facto preferential trade agreement in East Asia, pp. 299-327
  • HERON Tony - Asymmetric bargaining and development trade-offs in teh CARIDORUM-European Union Economic Partnership Agreement, pp. 328-357
  • JULIEN Bernard, SMITH Andy - Conceptualizing the role of politics in the economy: industries and their institutionalizations, pp. 358-383
  • VAN DER PIJL Kees, HOLMAN Otto, RAVIV Or - The resurgence of German capital in Europe: EU integration and the restructuring of Atlantic networks of interlocking directorates after 1991, pp. 384-408

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Volume 18, n° 2/2011

International Finance and Tax

  • HARDIE Iain - How much can governments borrow? Financialization and emerging markets government borrowing capacity, pp. 141-167
  • MAROIS Thomas - Emerging market bank rescues in an era of finance-led neoliberalism: A comparison of Mexico and Turkey, pp. 168-196
  • RIXEN Thomas- From double tax avoidance to tax competition: Explaining the institutional trajectory of international tax governance, pp. 197-227

Corruption and Risks

  • ROTHSTEIN Bo - Anti-corruption: the indirect 'big bang' approach, pp. 228-250
  • HANSEN Hans Krause - Managing corruption risks, pp. 251-275

(résumés du n° 2/2011)

Volume 18, n° 1, February 2011

Special Issue: Legitimacy and Global Governance

Original Articles

  • BRASSETT James; TSINGOU Eleni - The politics of legitimate global governance, pp. 1-16
  • BERNSTEIN Steven - Legitimacy in intergovernmental and non-state global governance, pp. 17-51
  • MÜGGE Daniel - Limits of legitimacy and the primacy of politics in financial governance, pp. 52-74
  • RETHEL Lena - Whose legitimacy? Islamic finance and the global financial order, pp. 75-98


  • KEOHANE Robert O. - Global governance and legitimacy, pp. 99-109
  • SCHOLTE Jan Aart - Towards greater legitimacy in global governance, pp. 110-120
  • CERUTTI Furio - The deeper roots of legitimacy and its future, pp. 121-130
  • MAHBUBANI Kishore - Can Asia re-legitimize global governance? p. 139

(résumés du n° 1/2011)