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Journal of the American Statistical Association

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ISSN : 0162-1459
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Depuis 1975 au Centre de documentation économique et statistique (Cedes)


Volume 109, n° 505, March 2014

Applications and Case Studies

  • XIAO Luo, THURSTON Sally W., RUPPERT David, LOVE Tanzy M. T., DAVIDSON Philip W. - Bayesian Models for Multiple Outcomes in Domains With Application to the Seychelles Child Development Study, pp. 1-10
  • HUANG Hui, MA Xiaomei, WAAGEPETERSEN Rasmus, HOLFORD Theodore R., WANG Rong, RISCH Harvey, MUELLER Lloyd, GUAN Yongtao - A New Estimation Approach for Combining Epidemiological Data From Multiple Sources, pp. 11-23
  • CARONE Marco, ASGHARIAN Masoud, JEWELL Nicholas P. - Estimating the Lifetime Risk of Dementia in the Canadian Elderly Population Using Cross-Sectional Cohort Survival Data, pp. 24-35
  • JOYCE Patrick M., MALEC Donald, LITTLE Roderick J. A., GILARY Aaron, NAVARRO Alfredo, ASIALA  Mark E. - Statistical Modeling Methodology for the Voting Rights Act Section 203 Language Assistance Determinations, pp. 36-47
  • BROGAARD Liqun Xi, Kristin, ZHANG Qingyang, LINDSAY Bruce, WIDOM Jonathan, WANG Ji-Ping Wang- A Locally Convoluted Cluster Model for Nucleosome Positioning Signals in Chemical , pp. 48-62
  • JANSON Lucas, RAJARATNAM Bala - Methodology for Robust Multiproxy Paleoclimate Reconstructions and Modeling of Temperature Conditional Quantiles, pp. 63-77
  • RASHID Naim, SUN Wei, IBRAHIM Joseph G. - Some Statistical Strategies for DAE-seq Data Analysis: Variable Selection and Modeling Dependencies Among Observations, pp. 78-94
  • ZIGLER Corwin Matthew, DOMINICI Francesca - Uncertainty in Propensity Score Estimation: Bayesian Methods for Variable Selection and Model-Averaged Causal Effects, pp. 95-107
  • LIU Ziyue, CAPPOLA Anne R., CROFFORD Leslie J., GUO Wensheng - Modeling Bivariate Longitudinal Hormone Profiles by Hierarchical State Space Models, pp. 108-118
  • ZHAO Yinshan, LI David K. B., PETKAU A. John, RIDDEHOUGH Andrew, TRABOULSEE Anthony - Detection of Unusual Increases in MRI Lesion Counts in Individual Multiple Sclerosis Patients, pp. 119-132
  • HANSEN Ben B., ROSENBAUM Paul R., SMALL Dylan S. - Clustered Treatment Assignments and Sensitivity to Unmeasured Biases in Observational Studies, pp. 133-144

Theory and Methods

  • ALLEN Genevera I., GROSENICK Logan, TAYLOR Jonathan - A Generalized Least-Square Matrix Decomposition, pp. 145-159
  • PORTIER François, DELYON Bernard - Bootstrap Testing of the Rank of a Matrix via Least-Squared Constrained Estimation, pp. 160-172
  • BRUNEL Nicolas J-B., CLAIRON Quentin, D'ALCHE-BUC Florence - Parametric Estimation of Ordinary Differential Equations With Orthogonality Conditions, pp. 173-185
  • HUANG Alan - Joint Estimation of the Mean and Error Distribution in Generalized Linear Models, pp. 186-196
  • WANG Christina D., MYKLAND Per A. - The Estimation of Leverage Effect With High-Frequency Data, pp. 197-215
  • LEE Eun Ryung, NOH Hohsuk, PARK Byeong U. - Model Selection via Bayesian Information Criterion for Quantile Regression Models, pp. 216-229
  • LI Ruosha, CHENG Yu, FINE Jason P. Fine - Quantile Association Regression Models, pp. 230-242
  • ING Ching-Kang, YANG Chiao-Yi - Predictor Selection for Positive Autoregressive Processes, pp. 243-253
  • ANDO Tomohiro, LI Ker-Chau - A Model-Averaging Approach for High-Dimensional Regression, pp. 254-265
  • LIU Jingyuan, LI Runze, WU Rongling - Feature Selection for Varying Coefficient Models With Ultrahigh-Dimensional Covariates, pp. 266-274
  • HAN Fang, LIU Han - Scale-Invariant Sparse PCA on High-Dimensional Meta-Elliptical Data, pp. 275-287
  • LIU Lan, HUDGENS Michael G. - Large Sample Randomization Inference of Causal Effects in the Presence of Interference, pp. 288-301
  • DAVISON A. C., FRASER D. A. S., REID N., SARTORI  N. - Accurate Directional Inference for Vector Parameters in Linear Exponential Families, pp. 302-314
  • BARTHELME Simon, CHOPIN Nicolas - Expectation Propagation for Likelihood-Free Inference, pp. 315-333
  • MATTESON David S., JAMES Nicholas A. - A Nonparametric Approach for Multiple Change Point Analysis of Multivariate Data, pp. 334-345
  • GEENENS Gery - Probit Transformation for Kernel Density Estimation on the Unit Interval, pp. 346-358
  • FUKUMIZU Kenji, LENG Chenlei - Gradient-Based Kernel Dimension Reduction for Regression, pp. 359-370
  • ZENG Donglin, LIN D. Y. - Efficient Estimation of Semiparametric Transformation Models for Two-Phase Cohort Studies, pp. 371-383
  • PARAST Layla, TIAN Lu, CAI Tianxi - Landmark Estimation of Survival and Treatment Effect in a Randomized Clinical Trial, pp. 384-394
  • LINDSAY Bruce G., MARKATOU Marianthi, RAY Surajit - Kernels, Degrees of Freedom, and Power Properties of Quadratic Distance Goodness-of-Fit Tests, pp. 395-410
  • CLAESKENS Gerda, HUBERT Mia, SLAETS Leen, VAKILI Kaveh - Multivariate Functional Halfspace Depth, pp. 411-423
  • PANARETOS Victor M., PHAM Tung, YAO Zhigang - Principal Flows, pp. 424-436
  • KUNDU Suprateek, DUNSON David B.- Bayes Variable Selection in Semiparametric Linear Models, pp. 437-447
Book Reviews
  • ZHANG Jin-Ting - Analysis fof Variance for Functional Data, p. 449
  • VOINOV Vassilly, NIKULIN Mikhail, BALAKRISHNAN Narayanaswamy - Chi-Squared Goodness-of-Fit Tests With Applications, p. 449
  • GIVENS Geof H., HOETING Jennifer A. - Computational Statistics, p. 450
  • ROTHMANN Mark D., WIENS Brian L., CHAN Ivan S. F. - Design and Analysis of Non-Inferiority Trials, p. 450
  • BELL William R., HOLAN Scott H., McELROY Tucker S. - Economic Time Series: Modelling and Seasonality, p. 451
  • INDRAYAN Abhaya - Medical Biostatistics, p. 452
  • ZHANG Xiaohua D. - Optimal High-Troughout Screening: Practical Experimental Design and Data Analysis for Genome-Scale RNAi Research, p. 453
  • KESSLER Mathieu, LINDNER Alexander, SORENSEN Michael - Statistical Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations, p. 453

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