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Depuis 1975 au Centre de documentation économique et statistique (Cedes) du STATEC.

Disponible dans les périodiques électroniques de la Bibliothèque Nationale du Luxembourg (Carte de lecteur exigée)à partir de 1922.


Volume 111, n° 513, March 2016

  • JIANG Ci-Ren, ASTON John A. D. , WANG Jane-Ling - A Functional Approach to Deconvolve Dynamic Neuroimaging Data, pp. 1-3
  • HAHN P. Richard, MURRAY Jared S., MANOLOPOULOU Ioanna - A Bayesian Partial Identification Approach to Inferring the Prevalence of Accounting Misconduct, pp. 14-26
  • HUO Zhiguang, DING Ying, LIU Silvia, OESTERREICH Steffi, TSENG George - Meta-Analytic Framework for Sparse K-Means to Identify Disease Subtypes in Multiple Transcriptomic Studies, pp. 27-42
  • MAADOOLIAT Mehdi, ZHOU Lan, NAJIBI Seyed Morteza, GAO Xin, HUANG Jianhua Z. - Collective Estimation of Multiple Bivariate Density Functions With Application to Angular-Sampling-Based Protein Loop Modeling, pp. 43-56
  • CHANG Won, HARAN Murali, APPLEGATE Patrick, POLLARD David - Calibrating an Ice Sheet Model Using High-Dimensional Binary Spatial Data, pp. 57-72
  • PHAM Lisa M., CARVALHO Luis, SCHAUS Scott, KOLCZYK Eric D. - Perturbation Detection Through Modeling of Gene Expression on a Latent Biological Pathway Network: A Bayesian Hierarchical Approach, pp. 73-92
  • SCHOFIELD Matthew R., BARKER Richard J., GELMAN Andrew, COOK Edward R., BRIFFA Keith R. - A Model-Based Approach to Climate Reconstruction Using Tree-Ring Data, pp. 93-106

Theory and Methods

  • CHATTERJEE Nilanjan, CHEN Yi-Hau, MAAS Paige, CARROLL Raymond J. C - Constrained Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Model Calibration Using Summary-Level Information From External Big Data Sources, pp. 107-117
  • HAN Peisong, LAWLESS Jerald F. - Comment, pp. 118-121
  • HANEUSE Sebastien, RIVERA Claudia - Comment, pp. 121-122
  • LOUIS Thomas A., KEIDING Niels - Comment, pp. 123-124
  • MEFFORD Joel A., ZAITLEN Noah A., WITTE John S. - Comment: A Human Genetics Perspective, pp. 124-127
  • PATEL Chirag J., DOMINICI Francesca - Comment: Addressing the Need for Portability in Big Data Model Building and Calibration, pp. 127-129
  • CHATTERJEE Nilanjan, CHEN Yi-Hau, MAAS Paige, CARROLL Raymond J. - Rejoinder, pp. 130-131
  • KANG Hyunseung, ZHANG Anru, CAI T. Tony, SMALL Dylan S. - Instrumental Variables Estimation With Some Invalid Instruments and its Application to Mendelian Randomization, pp. 132-144
  • SUN Xiaoyan, PENG Limin, HUANG Yijian, LAI HuiChuan J. - Generalizing Quantile Regression for Counting Processes With Applications to Recurrent Events, pp. 145-156
  • DING Peng, DASGUPTA Tirthankar - A Potential Tale of Two-by-Two Tables From Completely Randomized Experiments, pp. 157-168
  • PAN Rui, WANG Hansheng, LI Runze - Ultrahigh-Dimensional Multiclass Linear Discriminant Analysis by Pairwise Sure Independence Screening, pp. 169-179
  • FU Wenjiang - Constrained Estimators and Consistency of a Regression Model on a Lexis Diagram, pp. 180-199
  • TITSIAS Michalis K., HOLMES Christopher C., YAU Christopher - Statistical Inference in Hidden Markov Models Using k-Segment Constraints, pp. 200-215
  • BARTOLUCCI Francesco, LUPPARELLI Monia - Pairwise Likelihood Inference for Nested Hidden Markov Chain Models for Multilevel Longitudinal Data, pp. 216-228
  • CAI T. Tony, LIU Weidong - Large-Scale Multiple Testing of Correlations, pp. 229-240
  • ZHU Yunzhang, SHEN Xiaotong, YE Changqing - Personalized Prediction and Sparsity Pursuit in Latent Factor Models, pp. 241-252
  • CAI T. Tony, YUAN Ming - Minimax and Adaptive Estimation of Covariance Operator for Random Variables Observed on a Lattice Graph, pp. 253-265
  • FENG Xingdong, ZHU Liping - Estimation and Testing of Varying Coefficients in Quantile Regression, pp. 266-274
  • FAN Jianqing, FENG Yang, JIANG Jiancheng, TONG Xin - Feature Augmentation via Nonparametrics and Selection (FANS) in High-Dimensional Classification, pp. 275-287
  • GUO Jianhua, HU Jianchang, JING Bing-Yi, ZHANG Zhen - Spline-Lasso in High-Dimensional Linear Regression, pp. 288-297
  • LI Wentao,  CHEN Rong, TAN Zhiqiang - Efficient Sequential Monte Carlo With Multiple Proposals and Control Variates, pp. 298-313
  • DU Chao, KAO Chu-Lan Michael, KOU S. C. - Stepwise Signal Extraction via Marginal Likelihood, pp. 314-330
  • MANDOZZI Jacopo, BÜHLMANN Peter - Hierarchical Testing in the High-Dimensional Setting With Correlated Variables, pp. 331-343
  • WEI Ying, SONG Xiaoyu, LIU Mengling, IONITA-LAZA Iuliana, REIBMAN Joan - Quantile Regression in the Secondary Analysis of Case–Control Data, pp. 344-354
  • JIANG Yuan, HE Yunxiao, ZHANG Heping - Variable Selection With Prior Information for Generalized Linear Models via the Prior LASSO Method, pp. 355-376
  • LIANG Faming, JIN Ick Hoon, SONG Qifan, LIU Jun S. - An Adaptive Exchange Algorithm for Sampling From Distributions With Intractable Normalizing Constants, pp. 377-393
  • CHEN Mengjie, REN Zhao, ZHAO Hongyu, ZHOU Harrison - Asymptotically Normal and Efficient Estimation of Covariate-Adjusted Gaussian Graphical Model, pp. 394-406
  • REIMHERR Matthew, NICOLAE Dan - Estimating Variance Components in Functional Linear Models With Applications to Genetic Heritability, pp. 407-422
  • LU Zeng-Hua - Extended MaxT Tests of One-Sided Hypotheses, pp. 423-437

Book Reviews

  • WICKHAM Hadley - Advanced R, p. 439
  • McCREA Rachel, MORGAN BRYON J. T. - Analysis of Capture-Recapture Data, p. 440
  • KAPLAN David - Bayesian Statistics for the Social Sciences, p. 440
  • NOLAN Deborah, LANG Duncan Temple - Data Science in R: A Case Studies Approach to Computational Reasoning and Problem Solving, p. 441
  • MATSUI Shigeyuki, BUYSE Marc, SIMON Richard - Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials for Predictive Medicine, p. 442
  • MOLENBERGHS Geert, FITZMAURICE Garrett, KENWARD Michael G., TSIATIS Anastasios, VERBEKE Andrew - Introduction to Scientific Programming and Simulation Using R (2nd Ed.), p. 443
  • LAVIELLE Marc - Mixed Effects Models for the Population Approach: Models, Tasks, Methods and Variable Selection, p. 444
  • RITTER Gunter - Robust Cluster Analysis and Variable Selection, p. 445

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