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Journal of the American Statistical Association

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Depuis 1975 au Centre de documentation économique et statistique (Cedes)


Volume 108, n° 504, December 2013

2013 ASA Presidential Address

  • DAVIDIAN Marie - The International Year of Statistics: A Celebration and A Call to Action, pp. 1141-1146   

Applications and Case Studies

  • McSHANE Blakeley B., JENSEN Shane T., PACK Allan I., WYNER Abraham J. - Statistical Learning With Time Series Dependence: An Application to Scoring Sleep in Mice, pp. 1147-1162
  • LIU Tao, HOGAN Joseph W., WANG Lisa, ZHANG Shangxuan, KANTOR Rami - Optimal Allocation of Gold Standard Testing Under Constrained Availability: Application to Assessment of HIV Treatment Failure, pp. 1173-1188
  • HOSHINO Takahiro - Semiparametric Bayesian Estimation for Marginal Parametric Potential Outcome Modeling: Application to Causal Inference, pp. 1189-1204
  • GORFINE Malka, HSU Li, PARMIGIANI Giovanni - Frailty Models for Familial Risk With Application to Breast Cancer, pp. 1205-1215
  • CHEN Huaihou, WANG Yuanjia, PAIK Myunghee Cho, CHOI H. Alex - A Marginal Approach to Reduced-Rank Penalized Spline Smoothing With Application to Multilevel Functional Data, pp. 1216-1229
  • JENSEN Shane T., PARK Jared, BRAUNSTEIN Alexander F., McAULIFFE Jon - Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling of the HIV Evolutionary Response to Therapy, pp. 1230-1242

Theory and Methods

  • CATTANEO Matias D., CRUMP Richard K., JANSSON Michael - Generalized Jackknife Estimators of Weighted Average Derivatives, pp. 1243-1256
  • DELAIGLE Aurore, HALL Peter - Classification Using Censored Functional Data, pp. 1269-1283
  • LI Yehua, WANG Naisyin, CARROLL Raymond J. - Selecting the Number of Principal Components in Functional Data, pp. 1284-1294
  • ZHANG Jingfei, CHEN Yuguo - Sampling for Conditional Inference on Network Dat, pp. 1295-1307
  • CHEN Lisha, DOU Winston Wei, QIAO Zhihua - Ensemble Subsampling for Imbalanced Multivariate Two-Sample Tests, pp. 1308-1323
  • KUNIHAMA Tsuyoshi, DUNSON David B. - Bayesian Modeling of Temporal Dependence in Large Sparse Contingency Tables, pp. 1324-1338
  • POLSON Nicholas G., SCOTT James G., WINDLE Jesse - Bayesian Inference for Logistic Models Using Pólya–Gamma Latent Variables, pp. 1339-1349
  • LI Wentao, TAN Zhiqiang, CHEN Rong - Two-Stage Importance Sampling With Mixture Proposals, pp. 1350-1365
  • ZHANG Jian - Epistatic Clustering: A Model-Based Approach for Identifying Links Between Clusters, pp. 1366-1384
  • SARKAR Sanat K., CHEN Jingjing, GUO Wenge - Multiple Testing in a Two-Stage Adaptive Design With Combination Tests Controlling FDR, pp. 1385-1401
  • LU Luo,JIANG Hui, WONG Wing H. - Multivariate Density Estimation by Bayesian Sequential Partitioning, pp. 1402-1410
  • YANG Min, BIEDERMANN Stefanie, TANG Elina - On Optimal Designs for Nonlinear Models: A General and Efficient Algorithm, pp. 1411-1420
  • CHENG Ming-yen, WU Hau-tieng - Local Linear Regression on Manifolds and Its Geometric Interpretation, pp. 1421-1434
  • HABERMAN Shelby J., SINHARAY Sandip - yGeneralized Residuals for General Models for Contingency Tables With Application to Item Response Theory, pp. 1435-1444
  • ZHU Bin, DUNSON David B. - Locally Adaptive Bayes Nonparametric Regression via Nested Gaussian Processes, pp. 1445-1456
  • SMALL Dylan S., CHENG Jing, HALLORAN M. Elizabeth, ROSENBAUM Paul R. - Case Definition and Design Sensitivity, pp. 1457-1468
  • HUNG Ying, WANG Yijie, ZARNITSYNA Veronika, ZHU Cheng, WU C. F. Jeff - Hidden Markov Models With Applications in Cell Adhesion Experiments, pp. 1469-1479
  • BOGOMOLOV Marina, HELLER Ruth - Discovering Findings That Replicate From a Primary Study of High Dimension to a Follow-Up Study, pp. 1480-1492
  • MA Li - Adaptive Testing of Conditional Association Through Recursive Mixture Modeling, pp. 1493-1505
  • KIM Young Min, LAHIRI Soumendra N., NORDMAN Daniel J. - A Progressive Block Empirical Likelihood Method for Time Series, pp. 1506-1516
  • WU Yuanshan, YIN Guosheng - Cure Rate Quantile Regression for Censored Data With a Survival Fraction, pp. 1517-1531
  • CAI Tianxi, ZHENG Yingye - Resampling Procedures for Making Inference Under Nested Case–Control Studies, pp. 1532-1544

(résumés du n° 504)

Volume 108, n° 503, September 2013

  • TADDY Matt - Multinomial Inverse Regression for Text Analysis, pp. 755-770
  • GRIMMER Justin - Comment, pp. 770-771
  • BLEI David M. - Comment, pp. 771-772
  • TADDY Matt - Rejoinder: Efficiency and Structure in MNIR, pp. 772-774
  • LEE Juhee, MÜLLER Peter, ZHU Yitan, JI Yuan - A Nonparametric Bayesian Model for Local Clustering With Application to Proteomics, pp. 775-788
  • GILBERT Peter B., SHEPHERD Bryan E., HUDGENS Michael G. - Sensitivity Analysis of Per-Protocol Time-to-Event Treatment Efficacy in Randomized Clinical Trials, pp. 789-800
  • RAYMER James, WISNIOWSKI Arkadiusz, FORSTER Jonathan J., SMITH Peter W. F., BIJAK Jakub - Integrated Modeling of European Migration, pp. 801-819
  • REICH Brian J., BANDYOPAHYAY Dipankar, BONDELL Howard D. - A Nonparametric Spatial Model for Periodontal Data With Nonrandom Missingness, pp. 820-831
  • MORRISSETTE Jason L., McDERMOTTMichael P. - Estimation and Inference Concerning Ordered Means in Analysis of Covariance Models With Interactions, pp. 832-839
  • LANGROCK Roland, BORCHERS David L., SKAUG Hans J. - Markov-Modulated Nonhomogeneous Poisson Processes for Modeling Detections in Surveys of Marine Mammal Abundance, pp. 840-851
  • ROUGIER Jonathan, GOLDSTEIN Michael, HOUSE Leanna - Second-Order Exchangeability Analysis for Multimodel Ensembles, pp. 852-863
  • YU Tao, LI Pengfei - Spatial Shrinkage Estimation of Diffusion Tensors on Diffusion-Weighted Imaging Data, pp. 864-875
  • STINGO Francesco C., GUINDANI Michele, VANNUCCI Marina, CALHOUN Vince D. - An Integrative Bayesian Modeling Approach to Imaging Genetics, pp. 876-891
  • ZHANG Jin, BRAUN Thomas M. - A Phase I Bayesian Adaptive Design to Simultaneously Optimize Dose and Schedule Assignments Both Between and Within Patients, pp. 892-901
  • CHENG Jerry Q., XIE Minge, CHEN Rong, ROBERTS Fred - A Latent Source Model to Detect Multiple Spatial Clusters With Application in a Mobile Sensor Network for Surveillance of Nuclear Materials, pp. 902-913

Theory and Methods

  • QIN Yichen, PRIEBE Carey E. - Maximum Lq-Likelihood Estimation via the Expectation-Maximization Algorithm: A Robust Estimation of Mixture Models, pp. 914-928
  • HUANG Mian, LI Runze, WANG Shaoli - Nonparametric Mixture of Regression Models, pp. 929-941
  • MAJUMDER Mahbubul, HOFMANN Heike, COOK Dianne - Validation of Visual Statistical Inference, Applied to Linear Models, pp. 942-956
  • WEI Susan, KOSOROK Michael R. - Latent Supervised Learning, pp. 957-970
  • WU Colin O., TIAN Xin - Nonparametric Estimation of Conditional Distributions and Rank-Tracking Probabilities With Time-Varying Transformation Models in Longitudinal Studies, pp. 971-982
  • ZHANG Xiaoke, PARK Byeong U., WANG Jane-ling - Time-Varying Additive Models for Longitudinal Data, pp. 983-998
  • HAHN P. Richard, CARVALHO Carlos M., MUKHERJEE Sayan - Partial Factor Modeling: Predictor-Dependent Shrinkage for Linear Regression, pp. 999-1008
  • XUN Xiaolei, CAO Jiguo, MALLICK Bani, MAITY Arnab, CARROLL Raymond J. - Parameter Estimation of Partial Differential Equation Models, pp. 1009-1020
  • GUERRIER Stéphane, SKALOUD Jan, STEBLER Yannick, VICTORIA-FESER Maria-Pia - Wavelet-Variance-Based Estimation for Composite Stochastic Processes, pp. 1021-1030
  • FLYNN Cheryl J., HURVICH Clifford M., SIMONOFF Jeffrey S. - Efficiency for Regularization Parameter Selection in Penalized Likelihood Estimation of Misspecified Models, pp. 1031-1043
  • FAN Yingying, LV Jinchi - Asymptotic Equivalence of Regularization Methods in Thresholded Parameter Space, pp. 1044-1061
  • WANG Huixia Judy, LI Deyuan - Estimation of Extreme Conditional Quantiles Through Power Transformation, pp. 1064-1074
  • GALVAO Antonio F., LAMARCHE Carlos, LIMA Luiz Renato - Estimation of Censored Quantile Regression for Panel Data With Fixed Effects, pp. 1075-1089
  • MA Yanyuan, KIM Mijeong, GENTON Marc G. - Semiparametric Efficient and Robust Estimation of an Unknown Symmetric Population Under Arbitrary Sample Selection Bias, pp. 1090-1104
  • PAINDAVEINE Davy, VAN BEVER Germain - From Depth to Local Depth: A Focus on Centrality, pp. 1105-1119
  • MEALLI Fabrizia, PACINI Barbara - Using Secondary Outcomes to Sharpen Inference in Randomized Experiments With Noncompliance, pp. 1120-1131

(résumés du n° 503)

Volume 108, n° 502, June 2013

Fisher Lecture

  • RODERICK J. Little - In Praise of Simplicity not Mathematistry! Ten Simple Powerful Ideas for the Statistical Scientist, pp. 359-369 (texte)

Applications and Case Studies

  • IP Edward, ZHANG Qiang, REJESKI Jack, HARRIS Tammy, KRITCHEVSKY Stephen - Partially Ordered Mixed Hidden Markov Model for the Disablement Process of Older Adults, pp. 370-384
  • SADINLE Mauricio, FIENBERG Stephen E. - A Generalized Fellegi–Sunter Framework for Multiple Record Linkage With Application to Homicide Record Systems, pp. 385-397
  • KATENKA Natallia, LEVINA Elizaveta, MICHAILIDIS George - Tracking Multiple Targets Using Binary Decisions From Wireless Sensor Networks, pp. 398-410
  • CHAKRABORTY Avishek, MALLICK Bani K., McCLARREN Ryan G., KURANZ Carolyn C., BINGHAM Derek, GROSSKOPF Michael J., RUTTER Erica M., STRIPLING Hayes F., DRAKE R. Paul - Spline-Based Emulators for Radiative Shock Experiments With Measurement Error, pp. 411-428 (texte)
  • STORLIE Curtis B., MICHALAK Sarah E., QUINN Heather M., DUBOIS Andrew J., WENDER Steven A., DUBOIS David H. - A Bayesian Reliability Analysis of Neutron-Induced Errors in High Performance Computing Hardware, pp. 429-440
  • DIAS Monica Costa, ICHIMURA Hidehiko, VAN DEN BERG Gerard J. - Treatment Evaluation With Selective Participation and Ineligibles, pp. 441-455
  • FRIEDENBERG David A., GENOVESE Christopher R. - Straight to the Source: Detecting Aggregate Objects in Astronomical Images With Proper Error Control, pp. 456-468
  • VANDERWEELE Tyler J., HONG Guanglei, JONES Stephanie M., BROWN Joshua L. - Mediation and Spillover Effects in Group-Randomized Trials: A Case Study of the 4Rs Educational Intervention, pp. 469-482
  • WANG Yueqing, JIANG Xin, YU Bin, JIANG Ming - A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach for Aerosol Retrieval Using MISR Data, pp. 483-493
  • KIM Sungduk, CHEN Chen, ZHANG Zhiwei, SIMONS-MORTON Bruce G., ALBERT Paul S. - Bayesian Hierarchical Poisson Regression Models: An Application to a Driving Study With Kinematic Events, pp. 494-503
  • SIDDIQUE Sahra - Partially Identified Treatment Effects Under Imperfect Compliance: The Case of Domestic Violence, pp. 504-513
  • MARTINEZ Josue G., BOHN Kirsten M., CARROLL Raymond J., MORRIS Jeffrey S. - A Study of Mexican Free-Tailed Bat Chirp Syllables: Bayesian Functional Mixed Models for Nonstationary Acoustic Time Series, pp. 514-526
Theory and Methods
  • ZHAO Lihui, TIAN Lu, CAI Tianxi, CLAGGETT Brian, WEI L. J. - Effectively Selecting a Target Population for a Future Comparative Study, pp. 527-539
  • ZHOU Hua, LI Lexin, ZHU Hongtu - Tensor Regression with Applications in Neuroimaging Data Analysis, pp. 540-552
  • WANG Yuanjia, CHEN Huaihou, ZENG Donglin, MAURO Christine, DUAN Naihua, SHEAR M. Katherine - Auxiliary Marker-Assisted Classification in the Absence of Class Identifiers, pp. 553-565
  • GHOSH Arpita, WRIGHT Fred A., ZOU Fei - Unified Analysis of Secondary Traits in Case–Control Association Studies, pp. 566-576
  • ZHANG Ting - Clustering High-Dimensional Time Series Based on Parallelism, pp. 577-588
  • LIANG Faming, SONG Qifan, YU Kai - Bayesian Subset Modeling for High-Dimensional Generalized Linear Models, pp. 589-606
  • HWANG J. T. Gene, ZHAO Zhigen - Empirical Bayes Confidence Intervals for Selected Parameters in High-Dimensional Data, pp. 607-618
  • LIU Rong, YANG Lijian, HÄRDLE Wolfgang K. - Oracally Efficient Two-Step Estimation of Generalized Additive Model, pp. 619-631
  • WANG Xueqin, JIANG Yunlu, HUANG Mian, ZHANG Heping - Robust Variable Selection With Exponential Squared Loss, pp. 632-643
  • BONDELL Howard D., STEFANSKI Leonard A. - Efficient Robust Regression via Two-Stage Generalized Empirical Likelihood, pp. 644-655 (texte)
  • MURRAY Jared S., DUNSON David B., CARIB Lawrence, LUCAS Joseph E. - Bayesian Gaussian Copula Factor Models for Mixed Data, pp. 656-665
  • LI Bo, GENTON Marc G. - Nonparametric Identification of Copula Structures, pp. 666-675
  • NOH Hohsuk, EL GOUCH Anouar, BOUEZMARNI Taoufik - Copula-Based Regression Estimation and Inference, pp. 676-688
  • OH Dong Hwan, PATTON Andrew J. - Simulated Method of Moments Estimation for Copula-Based Multivariate Models, pp. 689-700
  • FAN Chunpeng, FINE Jason P. - Linear Transformation Model With Parametric Covariate Transformations, pp. 701-712
  • ZHU Yunzhang, SHEN Xiaotong, PAN Wei - Simultaneous Grouping Pursuit and Feature Selection Over an Undirected Graph, pp. 713-725
  • ZHOU Zhou - Heteroscedasticity and Autocorrelation Robust Structural Change Detection, pp. 726-740
  • BROWN Lawrence D., GREENSHTEIN Eitan, RITOV Ya’acov - The Poisson Compound Decision Problem Revisited, pp. 741-749 (texte)

Book Reviews

  • SCHAPIRE Robert E., FREUND Yoav - Boosting: Foundations and Algorithms, pp. 751-752
  • AZZALINI Adelchi, SCARPA Bruno - Data Analysis and Data Mining: An Introduction, p. 752
  • VAN BUUREN Stef - Flexible Imputation for Missing Data, pp. 752-753
  • VAN DER LAAN Mark J., ROSE Sherri - Targeted Learning: Causal Inference for Observational and Experimental Data, pp. 753-754
(résumés du n° 502)

Volume 108, n° 501, March 2013

The 2012 ASA Presidential Address

  • RODRIGUEZ Robert N. - Building the Big Tent for Statistics, pp. 1-6

Applications and Case Studies

  • CHO Haeran, GOUDE Yannig, BROSSAT Xavier, YAO Qiwei - Modeling and Forecasting Daily Electricity Load Curves: A Hybrid Approach, pp. 7-21
  • HANKS Ephraim M., HOOTEN Mevin B. - Circuit Theory and Model-Based Inference for Landscape Connectivity, pp. 22-33
  • GUTMAN Roee, AFENDULIS Christopher C., ZASLASKY Alan M. - A Bayesian Procedure for File Linking to Analyze End-of-Life Medical Costs, pp. 34-47
  • HO Man-Wai, TU Wanzhu, GHOSH Pulak, TIWARI Ram C. - A Nested Dirichlet Process Analysis of Cluster Randomized Trial Data With Application in Geriatric Care Assessment, pp. 48-68
  • MITRA Riten, MÜLLER Peter, LIANG Shoudan, YUE Lu, JI Yuan - A Bayesian Graphical Model for ChIP-Seq Data on Histone Modifications, pp. 69-80
  • ROBBINS Michael W., GHOSH Sujit K., HABIGER Joshua D. - Imputation in High-Dimensional Economic Data as Applied to the Agricultural Resource Management Survey, pp. 81-95
  • WHELDON Mark C., RAFTERY Adrian E., CLARK Samuel J., GERLAND Patrick - Reconstructing Past Populations With Uncertainty From Fragmentary Data, pp. 96-110
  • RYU Duchwan, LIANG Faming, MALLICK Bani K. - Sea Surface Temperature Modeling using Radial Basis Function Networks With a Dynamically Weighted Particle Filter, pp. 111-123
  • LINZER Drew A. - Dynamic Bayesian Forecasting of Presidential Elections in the States, pp. 124-134
  • HSU Jesse Y., SMALL Dylan S., ROSENBAUM Paul R. - Effect Modification and Design Sensitivity in Observational Studies, pp. 135-148
  • AIROLDI Edoardo M., BLOCKER Alexander W. - Estimating Latent Processes on a Network From Indirect Measurements, pp. 149-164

Theory and Methods

  • WEINSTEIN Asaf, FITHIAN William, BENJAMINI Yoav - Selection Adjusted Confidence Intervals With More Power to Determine the Sign, pp. 165-176
  • SCHENNACH S. M., HU Yingyao - Nonparametric Identification and Semiparametric Estimation of Classical Measurement Error Models Without Side Information, pp. 177-186
  • PAGE Garritt, BHATTACHARYA Abhishek, DUNSON David - Classification via Bayesian Nonparametric Learning of Affine Subspaces, pp. 187-201
  • NARANJO Arlene, TRINDADE A. Alexandre, CASELLA George - Extending the State-Space Model to Accommodate Missing Values in Responses and Covariates, pp. 202-216
  • KIM Jane Paik, LU Wenbin, SIT Tony, YING Zhiliang - A Unified Approach to Semiparametric Transformation Models Under General Biased Sampling Schemes, pp. 217-227
  • JINAG Qian, WANG Hansheng, XIA Yingcun, JIANG Guohua - On a Principal Varying Coefficient Model, pp. 228-236
  • FENG Zhenghui, WEN Xuerong Meggie, YU Zhou, ZHU Lixing - On Partial Sufficient Dimension Reduction With Applications to Partially Linear Multi-Index Models, pp. 237-246
  • LIN Wei, LV Jinchi - High-Dimensional Sparse Additive Hazards Regression, pp. 247-264
  • CAI Tony, LIU Weidong, XIA Yin - Two-Sample Covariance Matrix Testing and Support Recovery in High-Dimensional and Sparse Settings, pp. 265-277
  • LEI Jing, ROBINS James, WASSERMAN Larry - Distribution-Free Prediction Sets, pp. 278-287
  • FU Fei, ZHOU Qing - Learning Sparse Causal Gaussian Networks With Experimental Intervention: Regularization and Coordinate Descent, pp. 288-300
  • MARTIN Ryan, LIU Chuanhai - nferential Models: A Framework for Prior-Free Posterior Probabilistic Inference, pp. 301-313
  • ROTHE Christoph, WIED Dominik - Misspecification Testing in a Class of Conditional Distributional Models, pp. 314-324
  • LIANG Faming, CHENG Yichen, SONG Qifan, PARK Jincheol, YANG Ping - A Resampling-Based Stochastic Approximation Method for Analysis of Large Geostatistical Data, pp. 325-339

Review Article

  • GARCIA-DONATO G., MARTINEZ-BENEITO M. A. - On Sampling Strategies in Bayesian Variable Selection Problems With Large Model Spaces, pp. 340-352

Book Reviews

  • WOODWARD Wayne A., GRAY Henry L., ELLIOTT Alan C. - Applied Time Series Analysis, p. 354
  • BARBER David, CEMGIL A. Tylan, CHIAPPA Silvia - Bayesian Time Series Models, p. 354
  • LAIRD Nan M., LANGE Christophe - The Fundamentals of Modern Statistical Genetics, p. 355
  • ULLAH Aman, GILESA David E.A. - Handbook of Empirical Economincs and Finance, p. 355
  • EUBANK Randall L., KURPRESANIN Ana - Statistical Computing in C++ and R, p. 356
  • CRESSIE Noel, WILKE Christophe K. - Statistics for Spatio-Temporal Data, p. 357
  • CUMMING Geoff - Understanding the New Statistics: Effect Sizes, Confidence Intervals, and Meta-Analysis, p. 357

(résumés du n° 501)