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Volume 109, n° 508, December 2014

Applications and Case Studies

  • WIERZBICKI Michael R., GUO Li-Bing, DU Qing-Tao, GUO Wensheng - Sparse Semiparametric Nonlinear Model With Application to Chromatographic Fingerprints, pp. 1339-1349
  • JUNG Yoonsuh, HUANG Jianhua Z., HU Jianhua - Biomarker Detection in Association Studies: Modeling SNPs Simultaneously via Logistic ANOVA, pp. 1355-1367
  • STROUD Jonathan R., JOHANNES Michael S. - Bayesian Modeling and Forecasting of 24-Hour High-Frequency Volatility, pp. 1368-1384
  • RIZOPOULOS Dimitris, HATFIELD Laura A., CARLIN Bradley P., TAKKENBERG Johanna J. M. - Combining Dynamic Predictions From Joint Models for Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data Using Bayesian Model Averaging, pp. 1385-1397
  • FARAH Marian, BIRRELL Paul, CONTI Stefano, DE ANGELIS Daniela - Bayesian Emulation and Calibration of a Dynamic Epidemic Model for A/H1N1 Influenza, pp. 1398-1411
  • HUANG Hui, LI Yehua, GUAN Yongtao - Joint Modeling and Clustering Paired Generalized Longitudinal Trajectories With Application to Cocaine Abuse Treatment Data, pp. 1412-1424
  • GELLAR Jonathan E., COLANTUONI Elizabeth, NEEDHAM Dale M., CRAINICEANU Ciprian M. - Variable-Domain Functional Regression for Modeling ICU Data, pp. 1425-1439
  • GRAHAM Daniel J., McCOY Emma J., STEPHENS David A. - Quantifying Causal Effects of Road Network Capacity Expansions on Traffic Volume and Density via a Mixed Model Propensity Score Estimator, pp. 1440-1449

Theory and Methods

  • LIU Dungang, LIU Regina Y., XIE Min-ge - Exact Meta-Analysis Approach for Discrete Data and its Application to 2 × 2 Tables With Rare Events, pp. 1450-1465
  • AIROLDI Edoardo M., COSTA Thiago, BASSETTI Federico, LEISEN Fabrizio, GUINDANI Michele - Generalized Species Sampling Priors With Latent Beta Reinforcements, pp. 1466-1480
  • GU Kelvin, PATI Debdeep, DUNSON David B. - Bayesian Multiscale Modeling of Closed Curves in Point Clouds, pp. 1481-1494
  • ZHOU Qing - Monte Carlo Simulation for Lasso-Type Problems by Estimator Augmentation, pp. 1495-1516
  • TIAN Lu, ALIZADEH Ash A., GENTLES Andrew J., TIBSHIRANI Robert - A Simple Method for Estimating Interactions Between a Treatment and a Large Number of Covariates, pp. 1517-1532
  • HU Y. J., LIN D. Y., ZENG W. Sun & D. - A Likelihood-Based Framework for Association Analysis of Allele-Specific Copy Numbers, pp. 1533-1545
  • LU Zudi, TJOSTHEIM Dag - Nonparametric Estimation of Probability Density Functions for Irregularly Observed Spatial Data, pp. 1546-1564
  • WANG Fangpo, GELFAND Alan E. - Modeling Space and Space-Time Directional Data Using Projected Gaussian Processes, pp. 1565-1580
  • PLUMLEE Matthew - Fast Prediction of Deterministic Functions Using Sparse Grid Experimental Designs, pp. 1581-1591
  • JONES Bradley, MAJUMDAR Dibyen - Optimal Supersaturated Designs, pp. 1592-1600
  • ABADIE Alberto, IMBENS Guido W., ZHENG Fanyin - Inference for Misspecified Models With Fixed Regressors, pp. 1601-1614
  • ROSENTHAL Michael, WU Wei, KLASSEN Eric, SRIVASTAVA Anuj - Spherical Regression Models Using Projective Linear Transformations, pp. 1615-1624
  • NING Jing, QIN Jing, SHEN Yu - Score Estimating Equations from Embedded Likelihood Functions Under Accelerated Failure Time Model, pp. 1625-1635
  • SONG Xiao, WANG Ching-Yun - Proportional Hazards Model With Covariate Measurement Error and Instrumental Variables, pp. 1636-1646
  • BRYNJARSDOTTIR Jenný, BERLINER L. Mark - Dimension-Reduced Modeling of Spatio-Temporal Processes, pp. 1647-1659
  • CLAGGETT Brian, XIE Minge, TIAN Lu - Meta-Analysis With Fixed, Unknown, Study-Specific Parameters, pp. 1660-1671
  • MIAO Hongyu, WU Hulin, XUE Hongqi - Generalized Ordinary Differential Equation Models, pp. 1672-1682
  • ZHU Yunzhang, SHEN Xiaotong, PAN Wei - Structural Pursuit Over Multiple Undirected Graphs, pp. 1683-1696
  • FRÖLICH Markus, HUBER Martin - Treatment Evaluation With Multiple Outcome Periods Under Endogeneity and Attrition, pp. 1697-1711

Book Reviews

  • JAMES Gareth, WITTEN Daniela, HASTIE Trevor, TIBSHIRANI Robert - An Introduction to Statistical Learning: With Applications in R., pp. 1713-1714
  • CHEN Ding-Geng, PEACE Karl e. - Applied Meta-Analysis with R., p. 1714
  • BAIO Gianluca - Bayesian Methods in Health Economics, p. 1714
  • HARRISON Michael J., Brownian Models of Performance and control, pp. 1715-1716
  • FEIGELSON Eric D., BABU Jogesh G. - Modern Statistical Methods for Astronomy: With R Applications, p. 1716
  • DOUC Randal, Moulines Eric, STOFFER David S. - Nonlinear Time Series: Theory, Methods, and Applications With R Examples, pp. 1716-1717
  • JUNG Sin-Ho - Randomized Phase II Cancer Clinical Trials, p. 1717
  • GUPTA Aparna - Risk Management and Simulation, pp, 1718-1719
  • OZAKI Tohru - Time Series Modeling of Neuroscience Data, pp. 1719-1720

(résumés du n° 4/2014)

Volume 109, n° 507, September 2014

Application and Case Studies

  • FRONCZYK Kassandra, KOTTAS Athanasios - A Bayesian Nonparametric Modeling Framework for Developmental Toxicity Studies, pp. 873-888
  • WHEELER Matthew W., DUNSON David B., PANDALAI Sudha P., BAKER Brent A., HERRING Amy H. - Mechanistic Hierarchical Gaussian Processes, pp. 894-904
  • JIANG Yuan, LI Ni, ZHANG Heping - Identifying Genetic Variants for Addiction via Propensity Score Adjusted Generalized Kendall’s Tau, pp. 905-930
  • THALL Peter F., NGUYEN Hoang Q., ZOHAR Sarah, MATON Pierre - Optimizing Sedative Dose in Preterm Infants Undergoing Treatment for Respiratory Distress Syndrome, pp. 931-943
  • HERBEI Radu, BERLINER L. Mark - Estimating Ocean Circulation: An MCMC Approach With Approximated Likelihoods via the Bernoulli Factory, pp. 944-954
  • LAFFONT Celine Marielle, VANDEMEULEBROECKE Marc, CONCORDET Didier - Multivariate Analysis of Longitudinal Ordinal Data With Mixed Effects Models, With Application to Clinical Outcomes in Osteoarthritis, pp. 955-966
  • SOBEL Michael E., LINDQUIST Martin A. - Causal Inference for fMRI Time Series Data With Systematic Errors of Measurement in a Balanced On/Off Study of Social Evaluative Threat, pp. 967-976
  • ZHU Hongtu, KHONDKER Zakaria, LU Zhaohua, IBRAHIM Joseph G. - Bayesian Generalized Low Rank Regression Models for Neuroimaging Phenotypes and Genetic Markers, pp. 977-990   

Theory and Methods

  • EFRON Bradley - Estimation and Accuracy After Model Selection, pp. 991-1007
  • DENG Ke, HAN Simeng, LI Kate J., LIU Jun S. - Bayesian Aggregation of Order-Based Rank Data, pp. 1023-1039
  • WOMACK Andrew J., LEON-NOVELO Luis, CASELLA George - Inference From Intrinsic Bayes’ Procedures Under Model Selection and Uncertainty, pp. 1040-1053
  • CAI T. Tony, LOW Mark, MA Zongming - Adaptive Confidence Bands for Nonparametric Regression Functions, pp. 1054-1070
  • HALLIN Marc, PAINDAVEINE Davy, VERDEBOUT Thomas - Efficient R-Estimation of Principal and Common Principal Components, pp. 1071-1083
  • ZHU Hongtu, FAN Jianqing, KONG Linglong - Spatially Varying Coefficient Model for Neuroimaging Data With Jump Discontinuities, pp. 1084-1098
  • PATILEA Valentin, RAÏSSI Hamdi - Testing Second-Order Dynamics for Autoregressive Processes in Presence of Time-Varying Variance, pp. 1099-1111
  • HARVEY Andrew, LUATI Alessandra - Filtering With Heavy Tails, pp. 1112-1122
  • WANG Bo, SHI Jian Qing - Generalized Gaussian Process Regression Model for Non-Gaussian Functional Data, pp. 1123-1133
  • ZHOU Yong-Dao, XU Hongquan - Space-Filling Fractional Factorial Designs, pp. 1134-1144
  • ROSENBAUM Paul R. - Weighted M-statistics With Superior Design Sensitivity in Matched Observational Studies With Multiple Controls, pp. 1145-1158
  • HAN Peisong - Multiply Robust Estimation in Regression Analysis With Missing Data, pp. 1159-1173
  • CHEN Tianle, WANG Yuanjia, CHEN Huaihou, MARDER Karen, ZENG Donglin - Targeted Local Support Vector Machine for Age-Dependent Classification, pp. 1174-1187
  • LI Bing, CHUN Hyonho, ZHAO Hongyu - On an Additive Semigraphoid Model for Statistical Networks With Application to Pathway Analysis, pp. 1188-1204
  • LI Yehua, GUAN Yongtao - Functional Principal Component Analysis of Spatiotemporal Point Processes With Applications in Disease Surveillance, pp. 1205-1215
  • ROSENBLUM Michael, LIU Han, YEN En-Hsu - Optimal Tests of Treatment Effects for the Overall Population and Two Subpopulations in Randomized Trials, Using Sparse Linear Programming, pp. 1216-1228
  • LUO Shan, CHEN Zehua - Sequential Lasso Cum EBIC for Feature Selection With Ultra-High Dimensional Feature Space, pp. 1229-1240
  • AUE Alexander, CHEUNG Rex C. Y., LEE Thomas C. M., ZHONG Ming - Segmented Model Selection in Quantile Regression Using the Minimum Description Length Principle, pp. 1241-1256
  • XU Chen, CHEN Jiahua - The Sparse MLE for Ultrahigh-Dimensional Feature Screening, pp. 1257-1269
  • FAN Jianqing, MA Yunbei, DAI Wei - Nonparametric Independence Screening in Sparse Ultra-High-Dimensional Varying Coefficient Models, pp. 1270-1284
  • HAO Ning, ZHANG Hao Helen - Interaction Screening for Ultrahigh-Dimensional Data, pp. 1285-1301
  • SHAO Xiaofeng, ZHANG Jingsi - Martingale Difference Correlation and Its Use in High-Dimensional Variable Screening, pp. 1302-1318
  • DETTE Holger, VAN HECKE Ria, VOLGUSHEV Stanislav - Some Comments on Copula-Based Regression, pp. 1319-1324

Book Reviews

  • GELMAN Andrew, CARLIN John B., STERN Hal S., DUNSO)N David B., VEHTARI Aki, RUBIN Donald B. - Bayesian Data Analysis (3rd ed.), p. 1326
  • PEWSEY Arthur, NEUHÄUSER Markus, RUXTON Graeme D. - Circular Statistics in R., p. 1327
  • TAKANE Yoshio - Constrained Principal Component Analysis and Related Techniques, p. 1328
  • KLEIN John P., VAN HOUWELINGEN Hans C., IBRAHIM Joseph G., SCHEIKE Thomas H. - Handbook of Survival Analysis, p. 1328
  • BOLGER Niall, LAURENCEAU Jean-Philippe - Intensive Longitudinal Methods: An Introduction to Diary and Experience Sampling Research, p. 1330
  • HAYES Andrew F. - Introduction to Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process Analysis: A Regression-Based Approach, p. 1331
  • SHOUKRI Mohamed M. - Measures of Interobserver Agreement and Reliability (2nd ed.), p. 1331
  • CROWDER Martin J. - Multivariate Survival Analyses and Competing Risks, p. 1332
  • MAHMOUD Hosam M. - Polya Urn Models, p. 1334
  • BOUTRON Isabelle, RAVAUD Philippe, MOHER David - Randomized Clinical Trials of Nonpharmacological Treatments, p. 1334
  • CHUNG Moo K. - Statistical and Computational Methods in Brain Image Analysis, p. 1334
  • REMILLARD Bruno - Statistical Methods for Financial Engineering, p. 1335
  • VAN HOUWELINGEN Hans C., PUTTER Hein - Dynamic Prediction in Clinical Survival Analysis, p. 1336

(résumés du n° 507)

Volume 109, n° 506, June 2014

Applications and Case Studies

  • XIAO Yongling, ABRAHAMOWICZ Michal, MOODIE Erica E. M., WEBER Rainer, YOUNG  James - Flexible Marginal Structural Models for Estimating the Cumulative Effect of a Time-Dependent Treatment on the Hazard: Reassessing the Cardiovascular Risks of Didanosine Treatment in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study, pp. 455-464
  • AYRA Eduardo S., RIOS INSUA David, CANO Javier - To Fuel or Not to Fuel? Is that the Question? pp. 465-476
  • ANTONIANO-VILLALOBOS Isadora, WADE Sara, WALKER Stephen G. - A Bayesian Nonparametric Regression Model With Normalized Weights: A Study of Hippocampal Atrophy in Alzheimer’s Disease, pp. 477-490
  • PERCIVAL Daniel M., PERCIVAL Donald B., DENBO Donald W., GICA Edison, HUANG Paul Y. , MOFJELD Harold O., SPILLANE Michael C. - Automated Tsunami Source Modeling Using the Sweeping Window Positive Elastic Net, pp. 491-499
  • SCHMERTMANN Carl, ZAGHENI Emilio, GOLDSTEIN Joshua R., MYRSKYLÄ Mikko - Bayesian Forecasting of Cohort Fertility, pp. 500-513
  • LIU Dandan, ZHENG Yingye, PRENTICE Ross L., HSU Li - Estimating Risk With Time-to-Event Data: An Application to the Women’s Health Initiative, pp. 514-524
  • JIN Ick Hoon, LIU Suyu, THALL Peter F., YUAN Ying - Using Data Augmentation to Facilitate Conduct of Phase I–II Clinical Trials With Delayed Outcomes, pp. 525-536
  • BAR Haim Y., BOOTH James G., WELLS Martin T. - A Bivariate Model for Simultaneous Testing in Bioinformatics Data, pp. 537-547
  • LU Xiaosun, MARRON J. S., HAALAND Perry - Object-Oriented Data Analysis of Cell Images, pp. 548-559
  • CHEN Kun, CHAN Kung-Sik, STENSETH Nils Chr. - Source-Sink Reconstruction Through Regularized Multicomponent Regression Analysis—With Application to Assessing Whether North Sea Cod Larvae Contributed to Local Fjord Cod in Skagerrak, pp. 560-573

Theory and Methods

  • STEFANSKI L. A., WU Yichao, WHITE Kyle - Variable Selection in Nonparametric Classification Via Measurement Error Model Selection Likelihoods, pp. 574-589
  • CHAN Ngai Hang, YAU Chun Yip, ZHANG Rong-Mao - Group LASSO for Structural Break Time Series, pp. 590-599
  • PAN Guangming, GAO Jiti, YANG Yanrong - Testing Independence Among a Large Number of High-Dimensional Random Vectors, pp. 600-612
  • MINAS Giorgos, ASTON John A.D., STALLARD Nigel - Adaptive Multivariate Global Testing, pp. 613-623
  • LEI Jing - Adaptive Global Testing for Functional Linear Models, pp. 624-634
  • LIU Xu, JIANG Hongmei, ZHOU Yong - Local Empirical Likelihood Inference for Varying-Coefficient Density-Ratio Models Based on Case-Control Data, pp. 635-646
  • SCARPA Bruno, DUNSON  David B. - Enriched Stick-Breaking Processes for Functional Data, pp. 647-660
  • ZHENG Shuzhuan, YANG Lijian, HÄRDLE Wolfgang K. - A Smooth Simultaneous Confidence Corridor for the Mean of Sparse Functional Data, pp. 661-673
  • KOENKER Roger, MIZERA Ivan - Convex Optimization, Shape Constraints, Compound Decisions, and Empirical Bayes Rules, pp. 674-685
  • ZHOU Hua, WU Yichao - A Generic Path Algorithm for Regularized Statistical Estimation, pp. 686-699
  • WU Hulin, LU Tao, XUE Hongqi, LIANG Hua - Sparse Additive Ordinary Differential Equations for Dynamic Gene Regulatory Network Modeling, pp. 700-716
  • DELAIGLE Aurore, HALL Peter - Parametrically Assisted Nonparametric Estimation of a Density in the Deconvolution Problem, pp. 717-729
  • CRAWFORD Forrest W., MININ Vladimir N., SUCHARD Marc A. - Estimation for General Birth-Death Processes, pp. 730-747
  • DI MARZIO Marco, PANZERA Agnese, TAYLOR Charles C. - Nonparametric Regression for Spherical Data, pp. 748-763
  • DE CARVALHO Miguel, DAVISON  Anthony C. - Spectral Density Ratio Models for Multivariate Extremes, pp. 764-776
  • WANG Chao, LIU Heng, YAO Jian-Feng, DAVIS Richard A., LI Wai Keung - Self-Excited Threshold Poisson Autoregression, pp. 777-787
  • CAI Zongwu, WANG Xian - Selection of Mixed Copula Model via Penalized Likelihood, pp. 788-801
  • LIJOI Antonio, NIPOTI Bernardo - A Class of Hazard Rate Mixtures for Combining Survival Data From Different Experiments, pp. 802-814
  • COOK R. Dennis, ZHANG Xin - Fused Estimators of the Central Subspace in Sufficient Dimension Reduction, pp. 815-827
  • ROCKOVA Veronika, GEORGE dward I. - EMVS: The EM Approach to Bayesian Variable Selection, pp. 828-846
  • LIANG Faming, CHENG Yichen, LIN Guang - Simulated Stochastic Approximation Annealing for Global Optimization With a Square-Root Cooling Schedule, pp. 847-863

Book Reviews

  • YANG Yang, LAND Kenneth C. - Age-Period-Cohort Analysis: New Models, Methods, and Empirical Applications, p. 865
  • DE LEON Alexander R., CHOUGH Keumhee Carrière - Analysis of Mixed Data: Methods & Applications, p. 865
  • TOBIAS Paul a., TRINDADE David C. - Applied Reliability (3rd ed.), p. 866
  • MIRKIN Boris - Clustering: A Data Recovery Approach, p. 866
  • LEHMANN Erich l. - Fisher, Neyman, and the Creation of Classical Statistics, p. 866
  • SIMON Richard M. - Genomic Clinical Trials and Predictive Medicine, p. 868
  • GIRAITIS Liudas, KOUL Hira L., SURGAILIS Donatas . Large Sample Inference for Long Memory Processes, p. 869
  • LINDGREN Georg - Stationary Stochastic Processes: Theory and Applications, p. 870

(résumés du n° 506)

Volume 109, n° 505, March 2014

Applications and Case Studies

  • XIAO Luo, THURSTON Sally W., RUPPERT David, LOVE Tanzy M. T., DAVIDSON Philip W. - Bayesian Models for Multiple Outcomes in Domains With Application to the Seychelles Child Development Study, pp. 1-10
  • HUANG Hui, MA Xiaomei, WAAGEPETERSEN Rasmus, HOLFORD Theodore R., WANG Rong, RISCH Harvey, MUELLER Lloyd, GUAN Yongtao - A New Estimation Approach for Combining Epidemiological Data From Multiple Sources, pp. 11-23
  • CARONE Marco, ASGHARIAN Masoud, JEWELL Nicholas P. - Estimating the Lifetime Risk of Dementia in the Canadian Elderly Population Using Cross-Sectional Cohort Survival Data, pp. 24-35
  • JOYCE Patrick M., MALEC Donald, LITTLE Roderick J. A., GILARY Aaron, NAVARRO Alfredo, ASIALA  Mark E. - Statistical Modeling Methodology for the Voting Rights Act Section 203 Language Assistance Determinations, pp. 36-47
  • BROGAARD Liqun Xi, Kristin, ZHANG Qingyang, LINDSAY Bruce, WIDOM Jonathan, WANG Ji-Ping Wang- A Locally Convoluted Cluster Model for Nucleosome Positioning Signals in Chemical , pp. 48-62
  • JANSON Lucas, RAJARATNAM Bala - Methodology for Robust Multiproxy Paleoclimate Reconstructions and Modeling of Temperature Conditional Quantiles, pp. 63-77
  • RASHID Naim, SUN Wei, IBRAHIM Joseph G. - Some Statistical Strategies for DAE-seq Data Analysis: Variable Selection and Modeling Dependencies Among Observations, pp. 78-94
  • ZIGLER Corwin Matthew, DOMINICI Francesca - Uncertainty in Propensity Score Estimation: Bayesian Methods for Variable Selection and Model-Averaged Causal Effects, pp. 95-107
  • LIU Ziyue, CAPPOLA Anne R., CROFFORD Leslie J., GUO Wensheng - Modeling Bivariate Longitudinal Hormone Profiles by Hierarchical State Space Models, pp. 108-118
  • ZHAO Yinshan, LI David K. B., PETKAU A. John, RIDDEHOUGH Andrew, TRABOULSEE Anthony - Detection of Unusual Increases in MRI Lesion Counts in Individual Multiple Sclerosis Patients, pp. 119-132
  • HANSEN Ben B., ROSENBAUM Paul R., SMALL Dylan S. - Clustered Treatment Assignments and Sensitivity to Unmeasured Biases in Observational Studies, pp. 133-144

Theory and Methods

  • ALLEN Genevera I., GROSENICK Logan, TAYLOR Jonathan - A Generalized Least-Square Matrix Decomposition, pp. 145-159
  • PORTIER François, DELYON Bernard - Bootstrap Testing of the Rank of a Matrix via Least-Squared Constrained Estimation, pp. 160-172
  • BRUNEL Nicolas J-B., CLAIRON Quentin, D'ALCHE-BUC Florence - Parametric Estimation of Ordinary Differential Equations With Orthogonality Conditions, pp. 173-185
  • HUANG Alan - Joint Estimation of the Mean and Error Distribution in Generalized Linear Models, pp. 186-196
  • WANG Christina D., MYKLAND Per A. - The Estimation of Leverage Effect With High-Frequency Data, pp. 197-215
  • LEE Eun Ryung, NOH Hohsuk, PARK Byeong U. - Model Selection via Bayesian Information Criterion for Quantile Regression Models, pp. 216-229
  • LI Ruosha, CHENG Yu, FINE Jason P. Fine - Quantile Association Regression Models, pp. 230-242
  • ING Ching-Kang, YANG Chiao-Yi - Predictor Selection for Positive Autoregressive Processes, pp. 243-253
  • ANDO Tomohiro, LI Ker-Chau - A Model-Averaging Approach for High-Dimensional Regression, pp. 254-265
  • LIU Jingyuan, LI Runze, WU Rongling - Feature Selection for Varying Coefficient Models With Ultrahigh-Dimensional Covariates, pp. 266-274
  • HAN Fang, LIU Han - Scale-Invariant Sparse PCA on High-Dimensional Meta-Elliptical Data, pp. 275-287
  • LIU Lan, HUDGENS Michael G. - Large Sample Randomization Inference of Causal Effects in the Presence of Interference, pp. 288-301
  • DAVISON A. C., FRASER D. A. S., REID N., SARTORI  N. - Accurate Directional Inference for Vector Parameters in Linear Exponential Families, pp. 302-314
  • BARTHELME Simon, CHOPIN Nicolas - Expectation Propagation for Likelihood-Free Inference, pp. 315-333
  • MATTESON David S., JAMES Nicholas A. - A Nonparametric Approach for Multiple Change Point Analysis of Multivariate Data, pp. 334-345
  • GEENENS Gery - Probit Transformation for Kernel Density Estimation on the Unit Interval, pp. 346-358
  • FUKUMIZU Kenji, LENG Chenlei - Gradient-Based Kernel Dimension Reduction for Regression, pp. 359-370
  • ZENG Donglin, LIN D. Y. - Efficient Estimation of Semiparametric Transformation Models for Two-Phase Cohort Studies, pp. 371-383
  • PARAST Layla, TIAN Lu, CAI Tianxi - Landmark Estimation of Survival and Treatment Effect in a Randomized Clinical Trial, pp. 384-394
  • LINDSAY Bruce G., MARKATOU Marianthi, RAY Surajit - Kernels, Degrees of Freedom, and Power Properties of Quadratic Distance Goodness-of-Fit Tests, pp. 395-410
  • CLAESKENS Gerda, HUBERT Mia, SLAETS Leen, VAKILI Kaveh - Multivariate Functional Halfspace Depth, pp. 411-423
  • PANARETOS Victor M., PHAM Tung, YAO Zhigang - Principal Flows, pp. 424-436
  • KUNDU Suprateek, DUNSON David B.- Bayes Variable Selection in Semiparametric Linear Models, pp. 437-447
Book Reviews
  • ZHANG Jin-Ting - Analysis fof Variance for Functional Data, p. 449
  • VOINOV Vassilly, NIKULIN Mikhail, BALAKRISHNAN Narayanaswamy - Chi-Squared Goodness-of-Fit Tests With Applications, p. 449
  • GIVENS Geof H., HOETING Jennifer A. - Computational Statistics, p. 450
  • ROTHMANN Mark D., WIENS Brian L., CHAN Ivan S. F. - Design and Analysis of Non-Inferiority Trials, p. 450
  • BELL William R., HOLAN Scott H., McELROY Tucker S. - Economic Time Series: Modelling and Seasonality, p. 451
  • INDRAYAN Abhaya - Medical Biostatistics, p. 452
  • ZHANG Xiaohua D. - Optimal High-Troughout Screening: Practical Experimental Design and Data Analysis for Genome-Scale RNAi Research, p. 453
  • KESSLER Mathieu, LINDNER Alexander, SORENSEN Michael - Statistical Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations, p. 453

(résumés du n° 505)