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Depuis 1975 au Centre de documentation économique et statistique (Cedes) du STATEC.


Volume 110, n° 509, March 2015

Applications and Case Studies

  • ZHOU Zhengyi, MATTESON David S., WOODARD Dawn B., HENDERSON Shane G., MICHEAS Athanasios C. - A Spatio-Temporal Point Process Model for Ambulance Demand, pp. 6-15
  • TANG Xu, GAN Fah F., ZHANG Lingyun - Risk-Adjusted Cumulative Sum Charting Procedure Based on Multiresponses, pp. 16-26
  • FRANKS Alexander M., CSARDI Gábor, DRUMMOND D. Allan, AIROLDI Edoardo M. - Estimating a Structured Covariance Matrix From Multilab Measurements in High-Throughput Biology, pp. 27-44
  • LINERO Antonio R., DANIELS Michael J. - A Flexible Bayesian Approach to Monotone Missing Data in Longitudinal Studies With Nonignorable Missingness With Application to an Acute Schizophrenia Clinical Trial, pp. 45-55
  • LEE Giwhyun, DING Yu, GENTON Marc G., XIE Le - Power Curve Estimation With Multivariate Environmental Factors for Inland and Offshore Wind Farms, pp. 56-67
  • STORLIE Curtis B., LANE William A., RYAN Emily M., GATTIKER James R., HIGDON David M. - Calibration of Computational Models With Categorical Parameters and Correlated Outputs via Bayesian Smoothing Spline ANOVA, pp. 68-82
  • FUKUMOTO Kentaro - What Happens Depends on When It Happens: Copula-Based Ordered Event History Analysis of Civil War Duration and Outcome, pp. 83-92
  • ZHANG Tingting, WU Jingwei, LI Fan, CAFFO Brian, BOATMAN-REICH Dana - A Dynamic Directional Model for Effective Brain Connectivity Using Electrocorticographic (ECoG) Time Series, pp. 93-106
  • HUANG Weibing, LEHALLE Charles-Albert, ROSENBAUM Mathieu - Simulating and Analyzing Order Book Data: The Queue-Reactive Model, pp. 107-122
  • HEATON Matthew J., SAIN Stephan R., MONAGHAN Andrew J., WILHELMI Olga V., HAYDEN Mary H. - An Analysis of an Incomplete Marked Point Pattern of Heat-Related 911 Calls, pp. 123-135
  • SCEALY J. L., DE CARITAT Patrice, GRUNSKY Eric C., TSAGRIS ichail T., WELSH A. H. - Robust Principal Component Analysis for Power Transformed Compositional Data, pp. 136-148

Theory and Methods

  • FAN Jianqing, TONG Xin, ZENG Yao - Multi-Agent Inference in Social Networks: A Finite Population Learning Approach, pp. 149-158
  • PETERSON Christine, STINGO Francesco C., VANNUCCI Marina - Bayesian Inference of Multiple Gaussian Graphical Models, pp. 159-174
  • KE Zheng Tracy, FAN Jianqing, WU Yichao - Homogeneity Pursuit, pp. 175-194
  • BORCHERS D. L., STEVENSON B. C., KIDNEY D., THOMAS L., MARQUES T. A. - A Unifying Model for Capture–Recapture and Distance Sampling Surveys of Wildlife Populations, pp. 195-204
  • ROSENBAUM Paul R. - Bahadur Efficiency of Sensitivity Analyses in Observational Studies, pp. 205-217
  • HALLIN Marc, MEHTA Chintan - R-Estimation for Asymmetric Independent Component Analysis, pp. 218-232
  • KONG Linglong, WIENS Douglas P. - Model-Robust Designs for Quantile Regression, pp. 233-245
  • LI Guodong, LI Yang, TSAI Chih-Ling - Quantile Correlations and Quantile Autoregressive Modeling, pp. 246-261
  • HUI Francis K. C., WARTON David I., FOSTER Scott D. - Tuning Parameter Selection for the Adaptive Lasso Using ERIC, pp. 262-269
  • LIN Wei, FENG Rui, LI Hongzhe - Regularization Methods for High-Dimensional Instrumental Variables Regression With an Application to Genetical Genomics, pp. 270-288
  • SUN Qiang, ZHU Hongtu, LIU Yufeng, IBRAHIM Joseph G. - SPReM: Sparse Projection Regression Model For High-Dimensional Linear Regression. Neuroimaging Initiative, pp. 289-302
  • SHEN Juan, HE Xuming - Inference for Subgroup Analysis With a Structured Logistic-Normal Mixture Model, pp. 303-312
  • KENAH Eben - Semiparametric Relative-Risk Regression for Infectious Disease Transmission Data, pp. 313-325
  • LIU Dungang, LIU Regina Y., XIE Minge - Multivariate Meta-Analysis of Heterogeneous Studies Using Only Summary Statistics: Efficiency and Robustness, pp. 326-340
  • MA Shujie, SONG Peter X.-K. - Varying Index Coefficient Models, pp. 341-356
  • HU Jianhua, ZHU Hongjian, HU Feifang - Unified Family of Covariate-Adjusted Response-Adaptive Designs Based on Efficiency and Ethics, pp. 357-367
  • DU Jiejun, DRYDEN Ian L., HUANG Xianzheng - Size and Shape Analysis of Error-Prone Shape Data, pp. 368-379
  • AUE Alexander, NORINHO Diogo Dubart, HÖRMANN Siegfried - On the Prediction of Stationary Functional Time Series, pp. 378-392
  • MINNIER Jessica, YUAN Ming, LIU Jun S., CAI Tianxi - Risk Classification With an Adaptive Naive Bayes Kernel Machine Model, pp. 393-404
  • KLEIN Nadja, KNEIB Thomas, LANG Stefan - Bayesian Generalized Additive Models for Location, Scale, and Shape for Zero-Inflated and Overdispersed Count Data, pp. 405-419
  • BURA Efstathia, FORZANI Liliana - Sufficient Reductions in Regressions With Elliptically Contoured Inverse Predictors, pp. 420-434

Review Article

  • HAHN P. Richard, CARVALHO Carlos M. - Decoupling Shrinkage and Selection in Bayesian Linear Models: A Posterior Summary Perspective, pp. 435-448

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