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Depuis 1975 au Centre de documentation économique et statistique (Cedes) du STATEC.

Disponible dans les périodiques électroniques de la Bibliothèque Nationale du Luxembourg (Carte de lecteur exigée)à partir de 1922.


Volume 112, n° 520, December 2017

Applications and Case Studies

  • LIU Wei, ZHANG Zhiwei, NIE Lei, SOON Guoxing - A Case Study in Personalized Medicine: Rilpivirine Versus Efavirenz for Treatment-Naive HIV Patients, pp. 1381-1392
  • HONG Chuan, NING Yang, WANG Shuang, WU Hao, CARROLL Raymond J., CHEN Yong - PLEMT: A Novel Pseudolikelihood-Based EM Test for Homogeneity in Generalized Exponential Tilt Mixture Models, pp. 1393-1404
  • KRAFTY Robert T., ROSEN Ori, STOFFER David S., BUYSSE Daniel J., HALL Martica H. - Conditional Spectral Analysis of Replicated Multiple Time Series With Application to Nocturnal Physiology, pp. 1405-1416
  • LI Xiaodong, HE Xu, HE Yuanzhen, ZHANG Hui, ZHANG Zhong, LIN Dennis K. J. - The Design and Analysis for the Icing Wind Tunnel Experiment of a New Deicing Coating, pp. 1417-1429
  • REN Boyu, BACALLADO Sergio, FAVARO Stefano, HOLMES Susan, TRIPPA Lorenzo - Bayesian Nonparametric Ordination for the Analysis of Microbial Communities, pp. 1430-1442
  • MILES Caleb H., SHPITSER Ilya, KANKI Phyllis, MELONI Seema, TCHETGEN TCHETGEN Eric J.  - Quantifying an Adherence Path-Specific Effect of Antiretroviral Therapy in the Nigeria PEPFAR Program, pp. 1443-1452
  • BHAT K. Sham, MEBANE David S., MAHAPATRA Priyadarshi, STORLIE Curtis B. - Upscaling Uncertainty with Dynamic Discrepancy for a Multi-Scale Carbon Capture System, pp. 1453-1467
  • TAO Ran, ZENG Donglin, LIN Dan-Yu - Efficient Semiparametric Inference Under Two-Phase Sampling, With Applications to Genetic Association Studies, pp. 1468-1476
  • OBERSKI D. L., KIRCHNER A., ECKMAN S., KREUTER F. - Evaluating the Quality of Survey and Administrative Data with Generalized Multitrait-Multimethod Models, pp. 1477-1489
  • KOOPMAN Siem Jan, LIT Rutger, LUCAS André - Intraday Stochastic Volatility in Discrete Price Changes: The Dynamic Skellam Model, pp. 1490-1503
  • HOF Michel H., RAVELLI Anita C., ZWINDERMAN Aeilko H. - A Probabilistic Record Linkage Model for Survival Data, pp. 1504-1515

Theory and Methods

  • DURANTE Daniele, DUNSON David B., VOGELSTEIN Joshua T. - Nonparametric Bayes Modeling of Populations of Networks, pp. 1516-1530
  • ZHANG Xinyu, WANG Haiying, MA Yanyuan, CARROLL Raymond J. - Linear Model Selection When Covariates Contain Errors, pp. 1553-1561
  • FULLER Wayne A., LEGG Jason C., LI Yang - Bootstrap Variance Estimation for Rejective Sampling, pp. 1562-1570
  • XU Gongjun, SIT Tony, WANG Lan, HUANG Chiung-Yu - Estimation and Inference of Quantile Regression for Survival Data Under Biased Sampling, pp. 1571-1586
  • WHITE Kyle R., STEFANSKI Leonard A., WU Yichao - Variable Selection in Kernel Regression Using Measurement Error Selection Likelihoods, pp. 1587-1597
  • TITSIAS Michalis K., YAU Christopher - The Hamming Ball Sampler, pp. 1598-1611
  • HE Xu - Rotated Sphere Packing Designs, pp. 1612-1622
  • ZHOU Mingyuan, FAVRO Stefano, WALKER Stephen G - Frequency of Frequencies Distributions and Size-Dependent Exchangeable Random Partitions, pp. 1623-1635
  • GUARNIERO Pieralberto, JOHANSEN Adam M., LEE Anthony - The Iterated Auxiliary Particle Filter, pp. 1636-1647
  • MA Shujie, MA Yanyuan, WANG Yanqing, KRAVITZ Eli S., CARROLL Raymond J. - A Semiparametric Single-Index Risk Score Across Populations, pp. 1648-1662
  • SCHENNACH Susanne M., WILHELM Daniel - A Simple Parametric Model Selection Test, pp. 1663-1674
  • ZHOU Yong-Dao, XU Hongquan - Composite Designs Based on Orthogonal Arrays and Definitive Screening Designs, pp. 1675-1683
  • CHEN Yen-Chi, GENOVESE Christopher R., WASSERMAN Larry - Density Level Sets: Asymptotics, Inference, and Visualization, pp. 1684-1696
  • CHEN Shizhe, SHOJAIE Ali, WITTEN Daniela M. - Network Reconstruction From High-Dimensional Ordinary Differential Equations, pp. 1697-1707
  • MANRIQUE-VALLIER Daniel, REITER Jerome P. - Bayesian Simultaneous Edit and Imputation for Multivariate Categorical Data, pp. 1708-1719
  • OTSU Taisuke, RAI Yoshiyasu - Bootstrap Inference of Matching Estimators for Average Treatment Effects, pp. 1720-1732
  • BHARATH Karthik, KAMBADUR Prabhanjan, DEY Dipak. K., RAO Arvind, BALADANDAYUTHAPANI Veerabhadran - Statistical Tests for Large Tree-Structured Data, pp. 1733-1743
  • AÏT-SAHALIA Yacine, FAN Jianqing, LAEVEN Roger J. A., WANG Christina Dan, YANG Xiye - Estimation of the Continuous and Discontinuous Leverage Effects, pp. 1744-1758


  • LI Xinran, DING Peng - General Forms of Finite Population Central Limit Theorems with Applications to Causal Inference, pp. 1759-1769

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Volume 112, n° 519, September 2017

Applications and Case Studies

  • McSHANE Blakeley B., GAL David - Statistical Significance and the Dichotomization of Evidence, pp. 885-895
  • BERRY Donald - A p-Value to Die For, pp. 895-897
  • BRIGGS William M. - The Substitute for p-Values, pp. 897-898
  • GELMAN Andrew, CARLIN John - Som, pp. 899-901
  • LABER Eric B., SHEDDEN Kerby - Statistical Significance and the Dichotomization of Evidence: The Relevance of the ASA Statement on Statistical Significance and p-Values for Statisticians, pp. 902-904
  • McSHANE Blakeley B., GAL David - Rejoinder: Statistical Significance and the Dichotomization of Evidence, pp. 904-908


  • FARJAT Alfredo, REICH Brian J., GUINNESS Joseph, WHETTEN Ross, McKEAND Steven, ISIK Fikret - Optimal Seed Deployment Under Climate Change Using Spatial Models: Application to Loblolly Pine in the Southeastern US, pp. 909-920


  • FANG Ethan X., LI Min-Dian, JORDAN Michael I., LIU Han - Mining Massive Amounts of Genomic Data: A Semiparametric Topic Modeling Approach, pp. 921-932
  • GEORGE E. I., ROCKOVA V., ROSENBAUM P. R., SATOPÄÄ V. A., SILBER J. H. - Mortality Rate Estimation and Standardization for Public Reporting: Medicare’s Hospital Compare, pp. 933-947
  • TSIONAS Mike G. - “When, Where, and How” of Efficiency Estimation: Improved Procedures for Stochastic Frontier Modeling, pp. 948-965
  • HE Zihuai, ZHANG Min, LEE Seunggeun, SMITH Jennifer A., KARDIA Sharon L. R., ROUX V. Diez, MUKHERJEE Bhramar - Set-Based Tests for the Gene–Environment Interaction in Longitudinal Studies, pp. 966-978
  • XIE Weiyi, KURTEK Sebastian, BHARATH Karthik, SUN Ying - A Geometric Approach to Visualization of Variability in Functional Data, pp. 979-993
  • ZHANG Jingfei, CAO Jiguo - Finding Common Modules in a Time-Varying Network with Application to the Drosophila Melanogaster Gene Regulation Network, pp. 994-1008
  • ZHU Hongtu, SHEN Dan, PENG Xuewei, LIU Leo Yufeng - MWPCR: Multiscale Weighted Principal Component Regression for High-Dimensional Prediction, pp. 1009-1021
  • WANG Tao, ZHAO Hongyu - Constructing Predictive Microbial Signatures at Multiple Taxonomic Levels, pp. 1022-1031
  • ZHAO Sihai Dave, CAI T. Tony, CAPPOLA Thomas P., MARGULIES Kenneth B., LI Hongzhe - Sparse Simultaneous Signal Detection for Identifying Genetically Controlled Disease Genes, pp. 1032-1046
  • TANSEY Wesley, ATHEY Alex, REINHART Alex, SCOTT James G. - Multiscale Spatial Density Smoothing: An Application to Large-Scale Radiological Survey and Anomaly Detection, pp. 1047-1063

Theory and Methods

  • ADUSUMILLI Karun, OTSU Taisuke - Empirical Likelihood for Random Sets, pp. 1064-1075
  • CHAN Kin Wai, YAU Chun Yip - Automatic Optimal Batch Size Selection for Recursive Estimators of Time-Average Covariance Matrix, pp. 1076-1089
  • SHEPHARD Neil, YANG Justin J. - Continuous Time Analysis of Fleeting Discrete Price Moves, pp. 1090-1106
  • YANG Yun, TOKDAR Surya T. - Joint Estimation of Quantile Planes Over Arbitrary Predictor Spaces, pp. 1107-1120
  • RICHARDSON Thomas S., ROBINS James M., WANG Linbo - On Modeling and Estimation for the Relative Risk and Risk Difference, pp. 1121-1130
  • LI Lexin, ZHANG Xin - Parsimonious Tensor Response Regression, pp. 1131-1146
  • CHOI David - Estimation of Monotone Treatment Effects in Network Experiments, pp. 1147-1155
  • WANG Xiao, ZHU Hongtu - Generalized Scalar-on-Image Regression Models via Total Variation, pp. 1156-1168
  • LI Jialiang, HUANG Chao, HONGTU Zhub - A Functional Varying-Coefficient Single-Index Model for Functional Response Data, pp. 1169-1181
  • ANDO Tomohiro, BAI Jushan - Clustering Huge Number of Financial Time Series: A Panel Data Approach With High-Dimensional Predictors and Factor Structures, pp. 1182-1198
  • WOOD Simon N., LI Zheyuan, SHADDICK Gavin, AUGUSTIN Nicole H. - Generalized Additive Models for Gigadata: Modeling the U.K. Black Smoke Network Daily Data, pp. 1199-1210
  • DiCICCIO Cyrus J., ROMANO Joseph P. - Robust Permutation Tests For Correlation And Regression Coefficients, pp. 1211-1220
  • STEINGRIMSSON Jon Arni, STRAWDERMAN Robert L. - Estimation in the Semiparametric Accelerated Failure Time Model With Missing Covariates: Improving Efficiency Through Augmentation, pp. 1221-1235
  • XU Ganggang, GENTON Marc G. - Tukey g-and-h Random Fields, pp. 1236-1249
  • LI Pengfei, LIU Yukun, QIN Jing - Semiparametric Inference in a Genetic Mixture Model, pp. 1252-1260
  • LIN Lizhen, THOMAS Brian St., ZHU Hongtu, DUNSON David B. - Extrinsic Local Regression on Manifold-Valued Data, pp. 1261-1273
  • PLUMLEE Matthew - Bayesian Calibration of Inexact Computer Models, pp. 1274-1285
  • VINCENT Kyle, THOMPSON Steve - Estimating Population Size With Link-Tracing Sampling, pp. 1286-1295
  • HUANG Ming-Yueh, CHIANG Chin-Tsang - An Effective Semiparametric Estimation Approach for the Sufficient Dimension Reduction Model, pp. 1296-1310
  • UEMATSU Kazuki, LEE Yoonkyung - On Theoretically Optimal Ranking Functions in Bipartite Ranking, pp. 1311-1322
  • HUI Francis K. C., MÜLLER Samuel, WELSH  A. H. - Joint Selection in Mixed Models using Regularized PQL, pp. 1323-1333
  • MÜLLER Ulrich K., WANG Yulong - Fixed-k Asymptotic Inference About Tail Properties, pp. 1334-1343
  • BI Xuan, QU Annie, WANG Junhui, SHEN Xiaotong - A Group-Specific Recommender System, pp. 1344-1353


  • SCHOEN Eric D., VO-THANH Nha, GOOS Peter - Two-Level Orthogonal Screening Designs With 24, 28, 32, and 36 Runs, pp. 1354-1369

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Volume 112, n° 518, June 2017

Applications and Case Studies

  • WU Guohui, HOLAN Scott H. - Bayesian Hierarchical Multi-Population Multistate Jolly–Seber Models With Covariates: Application to the Pallid Sturgeon Population Assessment Program, pp. 471-483
  • MARRA Giampiero, RADICE Rosalba, BÄRNIGHAUSEN Till, WOOD Simon N., McGOVERN Mark E. - A Simultaneous Equation Approach to Estimating HIV Prevalence With Nonignorable Missing Responses, pp. 484-496
  • HANKS Ephraim M. - Modeling Spatial Covariance Using the Limiting Distribution of Spatio-Temporal Random Walks, pp. 497-507
  • GUO Beibei, YUAN Ying - Bayesian Phase I/II Biomarker-Based Dose Finding for Precision Medicine With Molecularly Targeted Agents, pp. 508-520
  • STRAIT Justin, KURTEK Sebastian, BARTHA Emily, Mac EACHERN Steven N. - Landmark-Constrained Elastic Shape Analysis of Planar Curves, pp. 521-533
  • EGLSTON Brian L., UZZO Robert G., WONG Yu-Ning - Latent Class Survival Models Linked by Principal Stratification to Investigate Heterogenous Survival Subgroups Among Individuals With Early-Stage Kidney Cancer, pp. 534-546
  • ZUBIZARRETA José R., KEELE Luke - Optimal Multilevel Matching in Clustered Observational Studies: A Case Study of the Effectiveness of Private Schools Under a Large-Scale Voucher System, pp. 547-560
  • CHAKRABARTY Dalia - A New Bayesian Test to Test for the Intractability-Countering Hypothesis, pp. 561-577
  • HOOTEN Mevin B., JOHNSON Devin S. - Basis Function Models for Animal Movement, pp. 578-589
  • BLACKWELL Matthew - Instrumental Variable Methods for Conditional Effects and Causal Interaction in Voter Mobilization Experiments, pp. 590-599

Theory and Methods

  • SADINLE Mauricio - Bayesian Estimation of Bipartite Matchings for Record Linkage, pp. 60-612
  • HUANG Yijian - Restoration of Monotonicity Respecting in Dynamic Regression, pp. 613-622
  • MATTESEN David S., TSAY Ruey S. - Independent Component Analysis via Distance Covariance, pp. 623-637
  • LINN Kristin A., LABER Eric B., STEFANSKI Leonard A. - Interactive Q-Learning for Quantiles, pp. 638-649
  • MA Shujie, LI Runze, TSAI Chih-Ling - Variable Screening via Quantile Partial Correlation, pp. 650-663
  • ZHOU Qingning, HU Tao, SUN Jianguo - A Sieve Semiparametric Maximum Likelihood Approach for Regression Analysis of Bivariate Interval-Censored Failure Time Data, pp. 664-672
  • GARG Vikram V., STOGNER Roy H. - Hierarchical Latin Hypercube Sampling, pp. 673-682
  • SUN Fasheng, TANG Boxin - A Method of Constructing Space-Filling Orthogonal Designs, pp. 683-689
  • LUO Ruiyan, QI Xin - Function-on-Function Linear Regression by Signal Compression, pp. 690-705
  • SCHNURR Alexander, DEHLING Herold - Testing for Structural Breaks via Ordinal Pattern Dependence, pp. 706-720
  • DAHL David B., DAY Ryan, TSAI  Jerry W. - Random Partition Distribution Indexed by Pairwise Information, pp. 721-732
  • KOWAL Daniel R., MATTESON David S., RUPPERT David - A Bayesian Multivariate Functional Dynamic Linear Model, pp. 733-744
  • SUN Yifei, WANG Mei-Cheng - Evaluating Utility Measurement From Recurrent Marker Processes in the Presence of Competing Terminal Events, pp. 745-756
  • ZHANG Xianyang, CHENG Guang - Simultaneous Inference for High-Dimensional Linear Models, pp. 757-768
  • FAN Ailin, SONG Rui, LU Wenbin - Change-Plane Analysis for Subgroup Detection and Sample Size Calculation, pp. 769-778
  • NI Yang, STINGO Francesco C., BALADANDAYUTHAPANI Veerabhadran - Sparse Multi-Dimensional Graphical Models: A Unified Bayesian Framework, pp. 779-793
  • XU Gongjun, CHIOU Sy Hanu, HUANG Chiung-Yu, WANG Mei-Cheng, YAN Jun - Joint Scale-Change Models for Recurrent Events and Failure Time, pp. 794-805
  • BARRIENTOS Andrés F., JARA Alejandro, QUINTANA Fernando A. - Fully Nonparametric Regression for Bounded Data Using Dependent Bernstein Polynomials, pp. 806-825
  • SUN Yifei, HUANG Chiung-Yu, WANG Mei-Cheng - Nonparametric Benefit–Risk Assessment Using Marker Process in the Presence of a Terminal Event, pp. 826-836
  • LI Ang, FOYGEL BARBER Rina - Accumulation Tests for FDR Control in Ordered Hypothesis Testing, pp. 837-849
  • JUILLARD Hélène, CHAUVET Guillaume, RUIZ-GAZEN Anne - Estimation Under Cross-Classified Sampling With Application to a Childhood Survey, pp. 850-858


  • BLEI David M., KUCUKELBIR Alp, McAULIFFE Jon D. - Variational Inference: A Review for Statisticians, pp. 859-877

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Volume 112, n° 517, March 2017

Applications and Case Studies

  • JOHNSON Valen E., PAYNE Richard D., WANG Tianying Wan, ASHER Alex, MANDAL Soutrik - On the Reproducibility of Psychological Science, pp. 1-10
  • MURRAY Thomas A., THALL Peter F., YUAN Ying, McAVOY Sarah, GOMEZ Daniel R. - Robust Treatment Comparison Based on Utilities of Semi-Competing Risks in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer, pp. 11-23
  • SCEALY J. L., WELSH A. H. - Effects Model for Compositional Expenditure Data, pp. 24-36
  • KONOMI Bledar A., KARAGIANNIS Georgios, LAI Kevin, LIN Guang - Bayesian Treed Calibration: An Application to Carbon Capture With AX Sorbent, pp. 37-53
  • MAUGUEN Audrey, ZABOR Emily C., THOMAS Nancy E., BERWICK Marianne, SESHAN Venkatraman E., BEGG Colin B. - Defining Cancer Subtypes With Distinctive Etiologic Profiles: An Application to the Epidemiology of Melanoma, pp. 54-63
  • BARNETT Ian, MUKHERJEE Rajarshi, LIN Xihong - The Generalized Higher Criticism for Testing SNP-Set Effects in Genetic Association Studies, pp. 64-76
  • KIM Sungmin, POTTER Kevin, CRAIGMILE Peter F., PERUGGIA Mario, VAN ZANDT Trisha - A Bayesian Race Model for Recognition Memory, pp. 77-91
  • STORLIE Curtis B., REICH Brian J., RUST William N., TICKNOR Lawrence O., BONNIE Amanda M., MONTOYA Andrew J., MICHALAK Sarah E. - Spatiotemporal Modeling of Node Temperatures in Supercomputers, pp. 92-108
  • ROBBINS Michael W., SAUNDERS Jessica, KILMER Beau - A Framework for Synthetic Control Methods With High-Dimensional, Micro-Level Data: Evaluating a Neighborhood-Specific Crime Intervention, pp. 10-126
  • CABRERA Brenda López, SCHULZ Franziska - Forecasting Generalized Quantiles of Electricity Demand: A Functional Data Approach, pp. 127-136

Theory and Methods

  • WAND M. P. - Fast Approximate Inference for Arbitrarily Large Semiparametric Regression Models via Message Passing, pp. 137-168
  • ZHOU Xin, MEYER-HAMBLETT Nicole, KHAN Umer, KOSOROK Michael R. - Residual Weighted Learning for Estimating Individualized Treatment Rules, pp. 169-187
  • YANG Qing, PAN Guangming - Weighted Statistic in Detecting Faint and Sparse Alternatives for High-Dimensional Covariance Matrices, pp. 188-200
  • KATZFUSS Matthias - A Multi-Resolution Approximation for Massive Spatial Datasets, pp. 201-214
  • FONSECA Thaís C. O., FERREIRA Marco A. R. - Dynamic Multiscale Spatiotemporal Models for Poisson Data, pp. 215-234
  • GUO Shaojun, BOX John Leigh, ZHANG Wenyang - A Dynamic Structure for High-Dimensional Covariance Matrices and Its Application in Portfolio Allocation, pp. 235-253
  • ROSSELL David, TELESCA Donatello - Nonlocal Priors for High-Dimensional Estimation, pp. 254-265
  • ZOU Tao, LAN Wei, WANG Hansheng, TSAI Chih-Ling - Covariance Regression Analysis, pp. 266-281
  • KUIPERS Jack, MOFFA Giusi - Partition MCMC for Inference on Acyclic Digraphs, pp. 282-299
  • YUN Jonghyun, YANG Fan, CHEN Yuguo - Augmented Particle Filters, pp. 300-313
  • LITTLE Roderick J., RUBIN Donald B., ZANGENEH Sahar Z. - Conditions for Ignoring the Missing-Data Mechanism in Likelihood Inferences for Parameter Subsets, pp. 314-320
  • FOGARTY Colin B., SHI Pixu, MIKKELSEN Mark E., SMALL Dylan S. - Randomization Inference and Sensitivity Analysis for Composite Null Hypotheses With Binary Outcomes in Matched Observational Studies, pp. 321-331
  • LI Jia, TODOROV Viktor, TAUCHEN George - Robust Jump Regressions, pp. 332-341
  • HUANG Yuan, ZHANG Qingzhao, ZHANG Sanguo, HUANG Jian, MA Shuangge - Promoting Similarity of Sparsity Structures in Integrative Analysis With Penalization, pp. 342-350
  • CHAN Kwun Chuen Gary, WANG Mei-Cheng - Semiparametric Modeling and Estimation of the Terminal Behavior of Recurrent Marker Processes Before Failure Events, pp. 351-362
  • LUNAGÓMEZ Simón, MUKHERJEE Sayan, WOLPERT Robert L., AIROLDI Edoardo M. - Geometric Representations of Random Hypergraphs, pp. 363-383
  • KALNINA Ilze, XIU Dacheng - Nonparametric Estimation of the Leverage Effect: A Trade-Off Between Robustness and Efficiency, pp. 384-396
  • CHEN Hao, FRIEDMAN Jerome H. - A New Graph-Based Two-Sample Test for Multivariate and Object Data, pp. 397-409
  • MA Shujie, HUANG Jian - A Concave Pairwise Fusion Approach to Subgroup Analysis, pp. 410-423
  • FIECAS Mark, FRANKE Jürgen, VON SACHS Rainer, TADJUIDJE KAMGAING Joseph - Shrinkage Estimation for Multivariate Hidden Markov Models, pp. 424-435
  • ALFONS Andreas, CROUX Christophe, FILZMOSER Peter - Robust Maximum Association Estimators, pp. 436-445
  • HAGEMANN Andreas - Cluster-Robust Bootstrap Inference in Quantile Regression Models, pp. 446-456

(résumés du n° 517)