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Community statistics on tourism

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The survey aims to collect data on tourism activity of the resident population aged 15 or more.
Data collection covers both holiday and business trips with at least one overnight stay outside the usual environment of the person. The survey of national tourism includes both domestic and outbound tourism whose are residents travelling outside Luxembourg.

For tourism trips, the following information is collected on an annual basis:

  • the month of departure and the duration of the trip;
  • the main country of destination and the main purpose of the trip;
  • the means of transport used;
  • the means of accommodation chosen;
  • the total expenditures made on the trip;
  • the types of places visited;

and the following information is collected on tri-annual basis:

  • the participation of children aged less than 15 in the travel party;
  • the type de destination (in case of a holiday trip);
  • the means of booking used for the trip;
  • the reasons for not participating in holiday tourism.

Besides the information which is requested by the European Regulation, STATEC also includes the airport of departure and the airline used. The results of the survey are disseminated in STATEC publications (Regards, Bulletins…) as well as on the Statistics Portal.

Data collection

The community survey on tourism is carried out on a quarterly basis using telephone interviews. The quarterly sample is composed of 1500 individuals aged 15 or more residing within Luxembourg’s national territory. In order to cover households which are not registered in the phone book, phone numbers are randomly generated by computer using the “Random Digit Dialing” technique. Among the current members of a household, one person is chosen according to the « next birthday method » (that is, the member whose birthday comes next) in order to reply to the interview. Then, the results are weighted so to match control totals for the resident population aged 15 or more.

Interviews are conducted by T.I.P. BIEHL & PARTNER on behalf and under STATEC supervision.

Legal basis

The legal basis is the Regulation (EC) N° 692/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 July 2011 concerning European statistics on tourism and repealing Council Directive 95/57/EC.

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Further information

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