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Community Survey on the usage of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) among households and individuals

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The ICT survey collects data on the usage of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) among the households and individuals aged between 16 and 74.

The data collected deal with:

  • household access to ICT (computer, Internet and mobile phone);
  • type(s) of Internet connections used at home and the reason(s) for not having access to ICTs;
  • ICT equipment and frequency of use (for individuals);
  • The use of e-government and e-commerce by individuals;
  • E-skills and problems.

Every year, an ad-hoc module focusing on a specific topic is inserted into the main questionnaire:

  • 2017: No specific topic
  • 2016: Protection of personal data
  • 2015: Internet security
  • 2014: Use of Cloud Services
  • 2013: Use of e-Government
  • 2012: Mobile use of the internet and ubiquitous connectivity
  • 2011: E-skills
  • 2010: Internet security
  • 2009: E-commerce

The results of the ICT survey are disseminated via STATEC publications (Regards, Bulletins…) as well as on the Statistics Portal.

Data collection

The ICT survey is conducted by telephone over a sample of 1500 households and 1500 individuals aged between 16 and 74 representative of the resident population in Luxembourg. Phone numbers are randomly generated by computer using the “Random Digit Dialing” technique. The company TNS ILRES is in charge of the interviews on behalf of STATEC and under STATEC supervision. TNS ILRES selects the sample using the quota method based on gender, age, geographical region, citizenship and professional activity. The sample is taken so the sample distribution by these characteristics should be the same as the population distribution: thus, the sample draws a reliable picture of the total population. Before starting the interview, the interviewer checks whether the contacted person matches these criterion.

Legal basis

The legal basis is the Regulation (EC) N°808/2004of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 April 2004 concerning Community statistics on the information society

Questionnaire 2017 (English)
Questionnaire 2017 (French)
Questionnaire 2017 (Luxembourgish)

Questionnaire 2016 (English)
Questionnaire 2016 (French)
Questionnaire 2016 (Luxembourgish)