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Mobile version

In response to a strong demand of the users, which use more frequently their mobile phone for internet access, the portal of statistics of Luxembourg (french version) is available as mobile version or as apps for smartphones with Android or Apple IOS. 

Apps and digital interactive publications

STATEC, the app

The app, which is available on the App Store or Google Play, presents relevant official statistics on the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg:

  • news key indicators that are updated on a daily basis (inflation, unemployment, …)
  • basic statistics (Luxembourg in figures)
  • statistics by municipality
  • a simulator to calculate the development of wages according to the changes in the consumer price index
  • a simulator that displays population projections for a given year
  • a simulator that calculates a sum at a given time according to the inflation a simulator that displays data of a chosen age group


LuxStats is an interactive application that presents basic statistics on the Grand Duchy along with definitions and explanations, graphs and maps. It is available for free in French and in English for IOS and Android . Once installed, LuxStats can be used entirely offline.

Exploring Luxembourg

This application was created through collaboration between STATEC and the government’s information and press service (SIP). It is available for free in French, German and English in the App Store (the IOS version is called “ExploringLux”), Google Play et Windows Store. Exploring Luxembourg provides an extensive picture of Luxembourg with all of its diversity. The short texts are illustrated with number of photos, maps and interactive charts.

Social media

You can find STATEC on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Furthermore, STATEC publishes videos regarding events on Vimeo and Youtube.