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Unemployment rate in november 2014: 7.1 %
19-12-2014 | Agence pour le développement de l’emploi news

On Novemner 30st 2014, Luxembourg had 18 278 registered unemployed residents. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 7.1 %
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The end-of-year economic climate features contrasting indicators and signals. The downturn in confidence indicators in the euro zone seems to be over, the drop in oil prices should reduce energy bills for households and companies, and employment continues to recover. However, the European environment remains marked by deep-seated weaknesses, particularly as regards investment and economic governance. Europe is also set to take a stricter line with Luxembourg on the issue of tax harmonisation.
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The statistics on « completed buildings and dwellings » is a survey conducted since 1970 by STATEC. In this publication, we will have a look at the buildings completed during the year 2012 and more particularly on certain characteristics of these buildings, as well as the regional distribution of completed buildings and dwellings...
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The increase advantages women rather than men.
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17.0% of Luxembourg residents are confronted with noise from neighbours or from the street. The percentage of people who complain about pollution, grime or other environmental problems is 14.0% in Luxembourg. Regarding violence, crime and vandalism, 14.4% of Luxembourg residents are facing such problems in the environment of their homes...
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Quality of housing
11-12-2014 | STATEC news

Regarding the basic facilities such as indoor toilets, bathrooms, heating systems, shortages are infrequent in Luxembourg (0.1% to 0.6% of the population lives in such housing). In contrast, the proportion of people living in dwellings considered wet - leaking roof, damp walls, floors or foundation, or rot in window frames of floor - is a little higher in Luxembourg (17.1%) than the average for the euro area (15.1%)...
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Housing surface area
10-12-2014 | STATEC news

The average size of dwellings in Luxembourg is 140m2 and is among the highest in Europe. The average housing area for people aged 65 and over exceeds 150m2. Income inequalities are reflected in the housing surface irregularities, especially in Luxembourg...
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Housing tenure status
10-12-2014 | STATEC news

More than two thirds of Luxembourg residents are homeowners (70.8%), but for people at risk of poverty, this percentage is only 42.8%. About 4 out of 5 people aged 65 and older are homeowners and very rarely have a loan or mortgage...
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Violence in Luxembourg
09-12-2014 | STATEC news

A survey jointly organized by Statec and the University of Luxembourg in 2013 asked residents in Luxembourg whether they had been victims of a violent offense. Results show that 17% of respondents have been harassed during the 5 years prior to the survey (they experienced either moral harassment, threats or bullying), 4% have been victims of robbery, 9% have suffered physical harm and 4% have been aggressed sexually...
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