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Annual inflation up to 2%
06-09-2017 | STATEC

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In August 2017, the consumer price index is increasing by 1.2% compared to previous month, mainly because of the end of the summer sales period. The prices for petrol products are progressing by 2.1%. The annual inflation rate is increasing slightly to reach 2.0% in August.
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GDP figures for the euro zone in the 2nd quarter of 2017 confirm that economic growth is strengthening, particularly in terms of household consumption. The cyclical signals remained positive overall during the summer months, but the financial markets suffered from a certain wait-and-see attitude on the part of investors.
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The number of available resident job seekers registered with the ADEM is 16 296 on 31 of July 2017. The unemployment rate stands at 6.1%, ie 0,3 points below the July 2016 level.
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In 2014, girls aged 10 to 24 spent 4 hours a day on leisure and relaxation activities as boys spent even 30 to 90 minutes more. These differences are due to the fact that girls are more on the move, they spend more time taking care of themselves and carrying out domestic chores.
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Since the early 2000s, household consumption in Luxembourg increased much faster than in other European countries. However, it has a much less pronounced profile if we relate it to the growth of the population, to incomes and to the economy in general.
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The meeting of the High Council for Statistics (SSC) allowed to review the work program of the Luxembourg statistical system as far as concerned the users and to decide on the guidelines for the 2017-2019 program.
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After a modest 0.3% in 2016, the rise in headline inflation in the beginning of 2017 stems partly from a strong positive impact of oil prices. Strengthening of underlying inflation has been more gradual and should, for the remainder of 2017 and in 2018, still be supported by favourable economic fundamentals.
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In July 2017, the consumer price index is dropping by 0.7% compared to previous month. Like every year, this drop is explained by price reductions offered during the summer sales. In addition, oil prices are on downward trend. By neutralizing the variations due to summer sales and excluding oil products, prices of other goods and services rose by 0.3%. The annual inflation rate is increasing to reach 1.9%.
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STATEC has just published a report which presents a detailed analysis based on the Luxembourg socio-economic index at the municipal level. Among the fifteen best-ranked municipalities, six of them are in the Luxembourg canton, four in the Grevenmacher canton, three in the Capellen canton and two in the canton of Esch-sur-Alzette.
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Tax receipts hold their own
26-07-2017 | STATEC

Over the first half of 2017, tax receipts collected by the State increased by 3.2% over one year (a rise of EUR 230 million). This rate was lower than that of the two previous years (almost 4%), due to tax incentives relating to the tax reform and a substantial VAT loss on e-commerce.
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