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At 1st March 2017, the Register of Buildings and Housing counted 142 820 residential and semi-residential buildings as well as 233,675 residential units in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
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Endemic trade deficit: is it a bad sign?
17-07-2017 | STATEC, BCL

Luxembourg's foreign trade is deeply oriented towards neighboring markets. Three-quarters of the goods trade is made with Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. A striking feature of the Luxembourg economy is its structurally deficit trade balance.
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A constant desire to travel
13-07-2017 | STATEC

Each resident spends an average of 770 Euro for a trip – a total of 1.09 bn. Euro were spent in 2016. About 80 % of residents took leisure trips. France and Germany are the favorite destinations. The second wave of the survey on tourism practices in 2017 has been launched in early July.
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For the first time since October 2013, an automatic wage indexation has been applied this January. On this occasion, its direct impact on underlying inflation has been estimated on the basis of an econometric analysis. The results point to a rather marginal impact of around 0.2 percentage points, consistent with prior findings.
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On 1st January 2017, 590 667 inhabitants were counted in the country. 47.7% of the population are foreigners. The three most represented communities are Portuguese (16.4% of the total population), followed by French (7.5%) and Italians (3.6%).
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In June 2017, the national consumer price index, calculated by STATEC, showed a monthly increase of 0.05%. This positive dynamic is slowed down by falling oil products whose prices are falling by 0.98% while those of other goods and services are increasing by 0.10%. The annual inflation rate rises from 1.7% in May to 1.5% in June.
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STATEC has published its list of Luxembourg’s largest employers based on the workforce figures as of the 1st January 2017, broken down according to employment size and economic activity respectively.
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Specialized and support service activities (+6.1% in a year) and other activities (+6.0% in a year) are the most dynamic sectors over a year. For the first sector, the observed progression is caused by accounting activities and cleaning of buildings activities. Within the other activities, the sector of activities of membership organisations is most dynamic.
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Luxembourg GDP stagnated in the 1st quarter of the year, a disappointing result due to the marked decline in added value in the financial sector. While these figures constitute a negative signal for early 2017, they are founded on a statistical basis that is still too patchy to establish a reliable diagnosis.
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This is a decline of 0.4 percent comparing to May 2016. The number of resident job seekers decreased by 866 people (-5,3% over 12 months). The decline is widespread and gives advantage to most vulnerable job seekers.
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