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Business trips of residents in 2014
08-10-2015 | STATEC news

In 2014, the business travel intensity decreased slightly compared to the previous year. Nearly 17% of the resident population have made at least one multi-day business trip; they were 21% in 2013.
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Apart from a clear slowdown on prices for oil products, the consumer prices surveyed by STATEC in September are not very dynamic. Mainly as a result of the decrease of oil-product prices, the general index fell by 0.2% in September compared to previous month. The annual inflation rate remains at a low level with 0.5%. The annual core inflation rate continues on its upward trend reaching 1.8% this month.
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The international economic environment was showing signs of feverishness leading up to the autumn of 2015, with a significant downturn in results for the Chinese economy in particular, which will probably have a negative impact on eurozone economies.
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Luxembourg in figures 2015
24-09-2015 | Statnews 33/2015

The 2015 edition of "Luxembourg in figures", annual publication of STATEC, is now available. In a practical Pocket format, this booklet of 48 pages provides the key figures on the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. STATEC has also published a downloadable ebook version.
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On 30 august 2015, Luxembourg had 17 150 registered unemployed residents (available for the labor market and which did not benefit from an employment program). The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 6.9 %.
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The payroll employment increases by 0.7% compared to the first quarter of 2015, and by 2.6% compared to the second quarter of 2014. The number of cross-border workers grows slightly faster than the number of resident workers: + 3.3% against + 2.1%. Employment in professional and support service activities (+ 6.1%) and in information and communication (+4.5%) were again very dynamic.
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Report on Social Entreprises in Luxembourg
07-09-2015 | Publications

In 2013 STATEC started a research program to identify and monitor social enterprises in Luxembourg. In this context, the present report documents key facts of the social economy in Luxembourg using Business Register data, focusing on two important variables: the number of enterprises and the number of wage earners.
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The primary aim of this publication from BCL is to study the sensitivity of Luxembourg bond funds to interest rate movements.
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In August, the consumer price index compiled by STATEC rose due to the end of summer sales. In addition, oil prices continue to fall. After correcting for the price changes due to sales and excluding oil products, prices of other goods and services rose by 0.2%. The annual inflation rate stands at +0.6%, remaining almost stable for the fourth consecutive month.
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The labour market situation in Luxembourg can be qualified as satisfactory up to mid-2015: job creation is relatively dynamic, up 2.5% annually, and unemployment has been falling for a year. The situation could improve further in the months to come.
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