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During the year 2014, the population of the Grand Duchy, calculated by STATEC, increased by 13 278 inhabitants so that on January 1st 2015, 562 958 persons lived in Luxembourg. As this increase is mainly due to net migration, the part of foreigners raised to 46%.
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In March, the index of consumer prices calculated by STATEC increased by 0.14% compared to the previous month. This month, car drivers are disadvantaged by higher fuel prices as well as households that filled their heating oil tank. However, the general price dynamics remains moderate. Indeed, even if the inflation rate increases from 0.1% to 0.3%, it remains however at a low level.
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This paper revisits the competition-innovation relationship using an unbalanced panel of enterprise data stemming from four waves of the Luxembourgish innovation survey for the period 2002-2010.
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After a series of detailed publications about the 2011 population census, STATEC released an application that converts data into an interactive movie. This application, in Luxembourgish language, takes a new look at the citizens and the population of the country.
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Consumption fares better
25-03-2015 | STATEC

Household consumption will most likely experience ‘zigzag’ growth at the turn of the year, notably due to the VAT hike on 1 January. However, recent developments in the economic climate point to a number of positive factors likely to boost household consumption spending this year.
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"Le logement en chiffres" is a joint publication made by STATEC and the “Observatoire de l’Habitat” of the Ministry of Housing. This biannual publication contains the latest data available on dwelling acquisitions. The statistics are derived from an administrative data file provided by the “Administration de l’Enregistrement et des Domaines”. In the 4th quarter 2014, prices are up by 5.6% compared to the 4th quarter in the previous year.
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On 28 February 2015, Luxembourg had 19 099 registered unemployed residents (available for the labor market and which did not benefit from an employment program). The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 7.0 %.
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In 2014, some 371 580 people have been employed in the Grand-Duchy. Cross-border workers represent 44.3% of salaried employment.
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Women and education
05-03-2015 | STATEC

On the occasion of the International Women's Day celebrated on March 8, STATEC examines the situation of women in the field of education. Girls and young women are now the majority in "classic" secondary education (54%) and higher education (53%), where they even represent ¾ of students in certain fields of study such as e.g. education sciences, with a consequent significant feminisation of the school system.
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Following the monthly decline in January due to winter sales, the consumer price index, calculated by STATEC, rose by 1.7% in February. However, excluding the impact of winter sales the index only increased by 0.5% compared to the previous month. Inflation rate returns to positive values reaching 0.1% after -0.4% in January. Year on year core inflation is also on an upward trajectory and goes from 1.1% to 1.3%.
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Despite the concerns raised by certain economic indicators, GDP growth in the euro zone was sustained over the last quarter of 2014. Furthermore, euro-zone economies should benefit from the combination of a number of positive factors, both internal (European investment plan, expansionary monetary policy) and external (falling oil prices, depreciation of the euro).
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