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Economical and statistical documentation center (Cedes)

STATEC’s economical and statistical documentation center (Centre de documentation économique et statistique - Cedes) principally covers publications encompassing statistical (methodology, statistical analysis, statistical data) and economical content. It includes the standard core collections in economics. This center has a library with approximately 2000 linear meters of shelving. Currently, it comprises approximately 22000 volumes of which 6700 monographs and 15000 volumes of economical and statistical periodicals. In addition, the documentation center yields a very important collection of international comparative statistics compilations dating back, in many cases, to the 1950s.

The documentation center is accessible to the public for consultation only on site and by appointment (phone: 247-88495, e-mail: It provides a filing system with bibliographic references organised by author and by subject, and is currently part of the network of libraries in Luxembourg using the Aleph cataloging system managed by the National Library of Luxembourg. Through the search window, you have access to the entire documentation of the libraries network. If you tick in the search window “for your library” you have access to the current 3400 Cedes listed books that are part of the network:

STATEC’s documentation center also features some 150 economic reference periodicals. The international magazines that are offered are aimed at the general public as well as scientists. An appealing range of periodicals in economics, statistics, econometrics and demographics, is offered to the public. In order to enhance their content, the abstracts are listed and posted online instantaneously.






STATEC publishes a “Bibliography with references to the economic and social evolution in Luxembourg” on the Internet. It is a collection of bibliographic records of publications published and printed in Luxembourg or published abroad that relates to the Grand Duchy, its citizens or its inhabitants, as well as publications created by Luxembourgish authors or related to Luxembourg. Updates are made regularly.