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An institute serving citizens, companies and political decision-makers

STATEC (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) is an administration under the authority of the Ministry of Economics. Nevertheless, it is scientifically and professionally independent, i.e. that STATEC sets its work plan in conformity to the national and European statistical legislation, and generates and disseminates its data in complete neutrality.

Its missions are to provide public and private decision-makers, along with the citizens, a high-quality statistical information service. STATEC is committed to producing statistics, analyses and studies mirroring a detailed, reliable and objective image of the Luxembourg society.

STATEC coordinates the Luxembourg Statistical System that is organised in consonance with the principle of statistical centralisation.



The GDP in volume increased by +5.1% during the first quarter of 2018 compared to the same quarter in 2017, and by +2.0% compared to the previous quarter.
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They represent 52.1% of the total population. On the occasion of the Luxembourg National Day on June 23, STATEC presents some statistics on the Luxembourgers in the Grand Duchy.
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This survey, which is conducted every year, aims to study the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) by households and individuals. Nearly 4000 households are invited by mail to participate in the survey.
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They represent 16% of the total population. In Larochette nearly one inhabitant in two is Portuguese. On the occasion of the Portuguese National Day on June 10, STATEC presents some statistics on the Portuguese in the Grand Duchy.
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In May, the consumer price index rose 0.34% from the previous month. This movement is mainly due to a sharp rise in the price of petroleum products, up 3.9% in one month. Prices excluding petroleum products rose only 0.14%.
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Note de conjoncture 1 2018

Despite a somewhat disappointing first growth estimate for 2017, the economic fundamentals remain well oriented for the Luxembourg economy at the beginning of 2018. GDP growth should be around 4% per year this year and next.
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