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More “in-house” growth
22-02-2017 | STATEC

GDP in the euro zone has risen quite steadily over recent quarters, although it is not very high. Most Member States have seen domestic demand pick up, mainly due to household consumption. Luxembourg is likely to share in this trend, perhaps as early as late 2016 and certainly even more so this year.
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On 31 January 2017, Luxembourg had 17 792 registered unemployed residents. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 6.2%.
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STATEC forecasts inflation to stand at 1.8% in 2017. Merely at 0.3% in 2016, the inflation rate would rise substantially this year partly due to a positive impact of oil prices, the first one in 5 years. For 2018, STATEC forecasts a slight lowering of the overall inflation rate to 1.6% despite a gradual increase in underlying inflation. Based on these forecasts, the next automatic indexation of wages and salaries would occur in 2018.
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In January 2017, the consumer price index decreases by 0.6% compared to the previous month. As every year in January, winter sales have influenced the monthly results. On the other hand, oil prices continued to recover as at the end of 2016. When neutralizing the price declines due to sales, the index shows a monthly increase of 0.3%. The renewed price pressure is confirmed with an annual inflation rate which rises from 1.1% to 1.7%.
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This LISER publication shows that major inequalities in population health between countries remain a challenge for the EU. Differences in socio-economic and demographic factors explain up to one third of inequality in self-reported health in the EU countries, including Luxembourg.
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According to the most part of studies, consequences of ' Brexit, would be negative, above all for United Kingdom, but also for the other European economies. Who in Europe is going to unwind the red carpet for the City? What are the risks and opportunities for Luxembourg and its financial place? Find all information in the publication "Regards" of STATEC.
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3,935 EUR is the amount that a family of four needs to live decently. The most important budget is housing (1,469 EUR), followed by food (883 EUR) and social life (548 EUR). If the family has a car, mobility also represents a substantial cost (406 EUR).
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The well-being of employees in Luxembourg
10-02-2017 | Chambre des Salariés

The level of well-being of employees in Luxembourg is on average lower than that of employees in other countries. In particular, there is a slightly lower level of well-being among younger employees.
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The RELIS 2016 report shows a stabilization in the prevalence of problematic drug use and a reduction in associated mortality, but notes an increase in cocaine use by injection.
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At the occasion of the Luxembourgish presidency of the Greater Region Summit, a new publication has been issued.
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