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A British kind of summer climate
27-07-2016 | STATEC

The prospect of Brexit is set to weigh on economic momentum in the euro zone, but to what extent is still difficult to see. Apart from the data from the financial markets, few statistics are yet available that can make sense of the potential effects. The unrest on the markets, which normally involves a sharp downturn in banking stocks, increases the risks of contagion via financial channels.
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The new statistics portal of the Greater Region is now online
19-07-2016 | The statistical offices of the Greater Region

The statistical institutes of the Greater Region Saar – Lor – Lux - Rhineland –Palatinate - Wallonia renovated their statistics portal that provides extensive information on the Greater Region. The appearance of the portal has been preserved, but the content has been completely redesigned. The series and the graphics have been enhanced and the new portal provides better user interactivity. The new portal also offers a "Newsletter" which will inform about events in the field of official statistics from the Greater Region and its components, new results or important updates.
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Leisure tourism activity in 2015
19-07-2016 | STATEC

Over the last 4 years, the leisure tourism activity remains stable at a high level: 83% of residents aged 15 and more did at least one leisure trip, including at least one night, in 2015. France and Germany are still the favorite destinations.
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The latest tax reform favouring households comes into effect beginning of 2017. The total budgetary cost amounts to 425 Mio EUR for 2017, a sum which includes the reduction of the marginal tax rates as well as the abolition of the temporary Budget balancing tax.
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Bulletin BCL 2016/1
08-07-2016 | Publications

Au début de l’année 2016, l’activité économique dans la zone euro s’est nettement accélérée par rapport au rythme de croissance des trois années précédentes. La croissance reste soutenue par la demande intérieure, tout en étant freinée par la faiblesse des exportations. Ainsi, les projections macroéconomiques de juin 2016 établies par les services de l’Eurosystème pour la zone euro anticipent une hausse du PIB annuel en volume de 1.6% en 2016 et de 1.7% tant en 2017 qu’en 2018.
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On the occasion of World Population Day, celebrated on 11 July, STATEC takes a look at the evolution of the population of the Grand Duchy from the 2011 census onwards. In the last five years the total population increased by 12.5%. The foreign population increased by 22.1% to reach nearly 47% of the total population on 1 January 2016.
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In June it was again mainly oil product prices dominating the result of the consumer price index established by STATEC. Under their influence the general index rose by 0.2% compared to May. With goods and services excluding oil products almost at a standstill, inflation remains very low in Luxembourg with a slightly positive rate of 0.02%. The annual rate of core inflation remains close to 1.0%, the level reached since the beginning of the year.
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STATEC has published its list of Luxembourg’s largest employers based on the workforce figures as of the 1st January 2016, broken down according to employment size and economic activity respectively.
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The BCL’s consumer confidence indicator has increased in June 2016. Households’ expectations about the economic situation in Luxembourg have remained unchanged in June. In the meantime, their concerns about unemployment in Luxembourg have decreased.
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Cultural employment in Luxembourg
01-07-2016 | STATEC

The percentage of people occupying a cultural job in the EU varies from 1% to 5.8%. In the Netherlands (3.9%), in Sweden (4.1%), in Iceland (4.7%) and in Luxembourg (5.8%), the cultural employment is at its highest. We estimate that cultural employment in Luxembourg occupies about 8 500 residents.
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