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They represent 3.4% of the total population. Belgians are most present in the communes located on the border of Belgium, like Winseler, Weiswampach or Ell.
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This represents a drop of 638 in June, which particularly benefits job seekers under the age of 30 and the low-skilled. The unemployment rate stands at 5.5% in June.
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Standard macroeconomic models assume perfect capital markets. The Global Financial Crisis of 2007–2009 however highlighted the extent to which fluctuations in asset prices, credit and capital flows can have dramatic impacts on the real economy. The aim of this working paper is to summarize how such interactions work through in a standard estimated macro-econometric model Modux, representing the Luxembourgish economy.
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They represent 7.6% of the total population. On the occasion of the French National Day on July 14, STATEC presents some statistics on the French in the Grand Duchy.
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77% of adults take training
11-07-2018 | STATEC


Figures from a STATEC survey reveal that people with tertiary education are more likely to undergo training than those with a medium or low level. The participation rate in adult education decreases with age.
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STATEC has published its list of Luxembourg’s largest employers based on the workforce figures as of the 1st January 2017, broken down according to employment size and economic activity respectively.
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In June, the price index rose 0.16% over the previous month. This movement is mainly due to a new rise in the price of petroleum products. Compared with the same month of the previous year, the price of black gold in the index basket is 15.0% higher.
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More optimistic people live longer. This statement is based on nearly 50 years of data collected in the United States. Women and African Americans were less optimistic during the study period than men and whites. Optimism is positively determined by greater income, health, and education.
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Culture a significant sector
29-06-2018 | STATEC

Accisses culture

With 1.7 billion euros of direct production and added value representing 1.9% of Luxembourg's gross value added in 2016, culture is a significant sector for our economy.
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Growth: pro poor or pro rich?
29-06-2018 | STATEC

Croissance : pro pauvres ou pro riches ?

Over the 2003-2015 period, the wealthiest households benefited more from the fruits of economic growth. The growth was therefore pro-rich!
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